For sale VW T4 Van in US January 2018

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#1 Thu, 10/12/2017 - 22:32

For sale VW T4 Van in US January 2018

Hi everyone!

After 6 months of panamerican travel we are selling our van.

Our german „Hans” is aVolkswagen T4, year 1996, 2.5 TDI
We will finish our trip with approx 323 000 kms(depends where)

Very economic van with diesel consumption around 7-7,5l per 100km (tank 80 l). So the range is over 1000kms.

Car is custom made by german company Fischer-specialists with VW motorhomes.
Inside the car there is a lot of cabinets, comfortable bed, sink with 40 litres tank, kitchen equipment for 4 people, Coleman gas stove, 2 chairs, very effective solar battery connected to many lights, fridge with special ekstra cold space for a beer :) and specially made charge panel (you can charge at anytime in the back of the car 2usb and 1 12V-no problem even with laptop). Panel gives you also opportunity to start engine from solar batery if normal is unloaded.
High rooftop version so you can even stand inside (I am 190cm and it’s fine) and also it has night diesel heating (you dont need to start engine to heat inside)

Windows with mosquitos nets or full cover.
Special grips for a surfing board.
Cruise control Movable table that can be use inside or outside.
Plus additional bed to hang it above front seats (for kids, dwarfs or tiny people)

Aestethics is fine however it has some rust beneath like every VW.

During last 6 months we had invested a lot in this car. Some of the repairs was neccessary and some of them just recommended .
We had a broken camshaft so when mechanic opened engine we changed also all valves, pistons, camshaft, pulleys, all belts and distribution with the pump. In addition cleaned and serviced Turbo.
From that service we made approx 20 000kms and everything is working fine
Last month our clutch died so now the car has completely new clutch, flywheel and axels. In addition mechanic checked and serviced transmission.
4 good condition all seasons tires and also 2 new rear resors.
In total we invested over 6 000 euros and changed most important parts so I can say that this car can be reliable for the next owner.

We would like for our  Hans 13 000usd or 10 800euros or best offer of course.

You are welcome to contact us through email or whattsup for any questions or more photos.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Take care !!!

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Mon, 10/23/2017 - 04:49



is your car still available?

best Nico 


Mon, 10/23/2017 - 10:27 (Reply to #2)

Yes it is. Please contact me

Yes it is. Please contact me tgeough email.