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1995 Mitsubishi Delica L400 4x4 Turbo Diesel Intercooled
140.000 kms (86.900 miles)
First and only owner since it was imported (to Paraguay) from Japan, Paraguayan plates and title. The van was acquired in 2018 and spent the better half of that year being converted into a Stealth campervan (you can`t tell it`s a campervan from the outside) that attracts as little attention as possible while providing maximum space and comfort with the Pop top and swing out bed combination while retaining all the on and  off road capability and safety of a standard Delica. It seats and sleeps 4, ideal 2 adults and 2 children



   - 130hp  engine (about 230 lb/ft of torque), 10.5 liters per 100 km (fully loaded), best I got was 9l-100kms at 85 km per hour  on long flat streches of road. Reached  almost 5000 metres of altitude on several ocasions without a problem. Engine is chain driven
  - Uses any type of diesel, mechanical fuel pump and almost no electric components that might leave the van stranded
  - Absolutely no rust
  - The Delica is basically a Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero (second generation in this case) with a different body shell, sharing engine, gearbox and some suspension components, making it easy to find spares
-  Automatic transmission, 4 speed (overdrive),  with A/T mode (when selected the van will not roll back and will start in second gear for slippery conditions and steep terrain)
  - Dual A/C blows cold. Heat works as well
  - Oil and filter  changed every 5000 km , same with fuel and air filter (I carry a spare of each).
  - 5 new  30 inch all terrain tyres with over  90% tread left.
  - Automatic transmission fluid changed every 20.000 kms
  - Cooling system flushed and checked just now. Radiator, fan clutch, thermostat, coolant reservoir in great condition.
  - Intercooler  removed to be cleaned but it was spotless. Turbo in perfect condition.
  - Power windows, mirros and locks
  - Perfectly working 4wd system with Super Select transfer case, which has a lockable center differential. It has 4 different  settings 2HI, 4HI, 4HLc, and 4Lo, 4H allowing you to you 4WD on pavement and other dry surfaces. This is an invaluable safety feature on tarmac but specially for unpaved surfaces and ideal for cold Patagonia mornings in which the roads still have patches of ice
     Brake pads recently replaced (at 140.000 kms)
     Many new suspension and steering parts replaced at 140.000kms as well mass bearings amongst many more. Detailed list could be provided upon request
     Fuel injector pump recently refurbished including fuel injectors (at 140.000kms)
  -  New sound system consisting of a  Pioneer head unit (USB/CD/Aux) 4 speakers, with 8 inch subwoofer and amplifier. New battery
  - Upgraded fog lamps. All bulbs for head lamps (high and low beam) tail lamps and fog lamps have been changed (carrying spares)
  - Factory side steps, bash plates, and fuel tank protector plates

All in all this van shouldn´t need any parts or major service for at least 40.000 or 50.000 kms (aside from oil changes) as long as it is driven properly


- Tire pressure monitoring system installed that allows you to know the real time pressure of all 4 tires with warnings (sound and visual) when tires get to low, too high or too hot, that also has a battery voltmeter

  - VIAIR 12v air compressor
  -  Tire repair kit
  - Custom roof Rack
  - Portable Toilet
  - Coleman dual burner stove, works with Kerosene, unleaded gasoline, or with cooking gas with an adaptor
  - 12v fridge freezer
  - Portable rechargable electric shower, heat water up and take hot showers anywhere.
  - 12v oven ( put whatever you want to cook/bake inside, including meats, drive for a while and your meal will be ready)
  - 12v cable extension
  - Pots, pans, cutlery
  - Shovel
  - Jumper cables
  - Tow bar
  - Tarps and extendable  poles for small awning
  - Folding table and camping chairs
  - Kitchen cabinet with sink, with a 50 litre clean main water container and a 30 litre gray water container. Main container is operated via a 12v rechargable water pump
  - Spare hoses, belts, filters, bulbs, glow plugs and others
  - Extra engine oil, transmission and brake fluid and coolant
     Maxx Traxx Traction aid
     Snow/mud chains
   - Tool kit
  - Portable washing machine (pressurized, hand operated).
                All the gear was imported from the U.S

     Pop top and rear swing bed

– The roof was cut and reinforced with iron plates that make the van even more rigid than when it came from the factory, the fiber glass pop top was custom made  with the extremely strong folding arms with additional gas struts to help in the lifting process but mostly to  withstand adverse weather conditions such as strong Patagonia winds.

– Converting a van to have a pop top roof is a very complicated and time consuming undertaking with many hours of design and labour involved. Even though it is not a professional job (no companies that convert vans in the country)it  is neither a DIY job since welders/metal workers, car body workers, fiber glass specialists and furniture builders were hired to build the designs I had in mind. Everything had to be build from scratch and custom made for this van and almost all was hand made in over many months.


– The interior was completely stripped and  insulation was applied on the floors, roof and side panels where possible.
- The rear seats have a the metal frame of the factory rear Delica seats which were modified and welded to the the frame, with two seat belts. This will comply with any passenger seat belt law in any country in South or North America. The seat turns into a  large comfortable bed  with  storage drawer underneath accesible from the inside. The highest quality and densest orthopedic foam was used for the seats/bed. There are also two additional storage compartments one accesible from the outside and the inside and another only accesible from the outside
- Large wooden kitchen cabinet with metal a sink with storage space, next to a cabinet that runs all the way to the roof for additional storage
  -The layout was designed so all or most of  the gear (depending on how much stuff you have) fits inside  the storage places so nothing stays visible (safety) or moving around while off roading specially on steep inclines and descents; and  also to have most of the weight between the two axles (weight distribution) and low on the floor  (stability and performance)
  - This layout was thought out to  maximize space usage and convenience allowing you to stand up, cook, use the toilet, change clothes or whatever you need with the bed fully deployed, invaluable specially in bad or extreme weather conditions. My girlfriend and 6 year old even showered inside during a thunderstorm.
The interior space of the van basically doubles once the pop top and the swing bed are deployed

Although this is not known by most travellers, Paraguayan plates are probably the easiest to manage and the one that offers the least problems when crossing borders and reselling. A foreigner can have the title transfered to his/her name, a Power of Attorney could be signed or a simple driving permission from the title holder could be obtained, all 3 options allowing you to cross borders without any issues. Also regarding insurance, one could get internatinal insurance once for up to one year which is good for all south american countries except Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guyanas for which you get insurance as you enter each country.

Asking price: Euros 11.900 or  best offer

For additional info please don`t hesitate to contact me

Steve (Esteban) Caballero
Whatspp: +595 991 214 682
Email: [email protected]