To sell: Fully equipped Nissan X-Trail in Santiago De Chile, end Jan/ beg Feb

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To sell: Fully equipped Nissan X-Trail in Santiago De Chile, end Jan/ beg Feb

After 3 beautiful months in Chile, Argentina, (and soon Bolivia) we are selling our fully equipped NISSAN X TRAIL with wooden rooftop and structure to sleep inside the car! The car will be available in Santiago de Chile end of January – beginning of February.

The Nissan X Trail is the perfect companion for your journey as it’s a favorite 4×4 here in South America due to its high ground clearance, strong build and high reliability. Moreover, it’s easy to find spare parts as these cars are popular all over South America. The car is registered in Chile in our name and includes all official documents .


« La machina » is a 2007 Nissan X Trail Full 4WD with an economic but powerful 2.5l petrol engine, offering you the following:

Approx. 190.000 km by the end of our trip (currently 183.500 km 07/01/2019)
Registered in Chile (Chilean plates)
Automatic shift gear with over-drive function
Easy switch between 2WD & 4WD when needed and differential lock (constant 4WD)
Fuel consumption: depending on street conditions approx. 10l / 100km
Gasoline (60L tank)
Electrical windows all around, blackened all but front window
All tires in good condition
1 full size spare tire
Electric closing
2 safety triangles
1 safety wests
Fire extinguisher
Electric rear mirror
Fog lights
CD Radio with aux plug to connect to iPhone
Steering wheel lock in bright yellow

Price: The Car + Full equipment is 5.500.000 CLP, 7050€ or 8100$US

All the informations are here:

Contact Aviva on whatsapp: +33673329221



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