selling car ownership transfer in foreign country?

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#1 Thu, 06/30/2016 - 20:37

selling car ownership transfer in foreign country?


Just a short question. I would like to sell my car in Argentina. How does it work with the transfer of ownership when I bought my car in canada and its on my name registered in canada now. The new owner has to be with his name in the vehicle title what means that he has to register it new in the country I`m gonna sell it right? is this how everyone is or has to do it, or is it not necessary to make a new Title with the new owners name? For me was always important to have my name in the papers when I crossed borders, so thats why im asking all this.

maybe its a bit complicated what I want to say but I hope u can understand my thoughts.


thank u for answering!




Thu, 06/30/2016 - 22:48

That is ideally how it should

That is ideally how it should happen. Problem is some countries and some states or provinces make it almost impossible to do this while both parties and the vehicle are out of the country.

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 05:46 (Reply to #2)

Okay and which countries are

Okay and which countries are the easiest for cases like this? I'm staying in Brazil but I heard that Brazil is the worst in this.

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 13:10

I meant that some states and

I meant that some states and countries back home make it difficult to gain full legal possession of the vehicle meaning license plates, registration and title in the buyers name. For instance, BC issues brand new plates to the new owner and the old ones are handed back. Supposedly requires both parties to be present. Some places have mandatory safety or smog inspections before changing registration over. Some have residency or citizenship requirements.

In south America a Poder (Power of Attorney) is often used to give the new "owner" permission to drive your car, and some people keep using that for other border crossings but it is not ideal as you never completely own the car and are just borrowing it from the legal owner and that can cause problems at some borders or for getting insurance.

Sat, 07/09/2016 - 15:05

selling our car

Hola travellers, We are getting towards the end of our trip from California, in Chile now and heading towards Ushuaia. We would like to sell our car in Argentina sometime in Sept. 2016. Its a 2005 Chevy Suburban, dark grey, 2500, 6 litre, 8 cylinder, 4x4, gas engine with close to 90,000 miles on it by the end of the trip. It has served us well. There is one passanger seat in the back with the rest being a bed with storage underneath, surfboards on top. All the gear is optional. 

asking price is $9,500 usd