SELLING : Nissan Pathfinder 2002 in Santiago, Chile - February 1st

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SELLING : Nissan Pathfinder 2002 in Santiago, Chile - February 1st

After traveling 3 months in Chile and Argentina, we are selling Frida, our proud Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 2002 in Santiago de Chile. We will be in Santiago from the 2nd february.

Price : 8750 $US, open to bargain/negociation

Registered and licenced in Chile.

Technical sheet :
- Model Pathfinder Nissan 2002
- 185000 km
- Engine 3.5l V6.
- Automatic transmission
- Gasoline / tank 72L (consumption between 11L / 100 km and 14L / 100 km depending of the road).
- 4 wheels drive with reduction gearbox (2H / 4H / 4L), very practical on South America's roads
- Model with timing chain
- Cruise control, open drive (shifting gears to limit fuel consumption).
- 1 real spare wheel as well as the equipment needed to change a wheel.
- Air conditioner and Heating
- The 5 seats are always in the car (rear seats disassembled for the bed).
- Sunroof, very practical to ventilate with discretion
- Alarm and tinted electric back windows + Anti-theft bar
- Battery charging cable
- Car radio CD

Overlander Equipment :
- Mattress 1m90 x 1m35 x 15 cm mounted on a wooden tray. Very comfortable. The wooden structure is divided into 2 parts which allows to use the car with the 5 seats.
- 2 sets of bed linen, a large duvet (2m40 x 2m60), 2 thick blankets and a feather duvet, 2 pillows.
- Black curtains all around the bed, occulting and insulating to keep the heat inside.
- Camping kit: folding table, 2 chairs, single gas fireplace, water Tank, saucepan, plates, bowls, glasses .... Everything necessary to cook and live independently for several days.
- Storage: Large and small boxes under the bed.
- Transformer 12V / 220V + a power strip to charge computer, tablet, telephone ....
- 1 can of 20L petrol, basic tooling.
- All necessary safety equipment in South America: triangle, yellow waistcoat, pharmacy.
- Battery operated / sector plugging lamp
- Cleaning stuff
- Tent Quechua 3 persons
- air matress 1 person

We replaced :
- thermostat + radiator
- break pads
- front tires
- front axial
- head gasket
- petrol pump
- air sensor

Oil change and filter changed at 175000km

Battery, water pump and air filter changed by the previous oweners

- Chile valid until 31/03/2018
- Permiso de circulación (Chile) until 31/03/2018
- Technical inspection until June 2018
- International Insurance Chilean Zenit (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brasil, Peru, Chile) valid until June 2018
- All the papers are up to date and in our name.

To contact us :
Mail : [email protected]
Whatsapp : 0033601296202

Enclosed : pictures of proud Frida.

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