Selling our Van Mitsubishi L300, 8300$, available Now in Santiago

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Selling our Van Mitsubishi L300, 8300$, available Now in Santiago

Hola !

We sell our van Mitsubishi L300, in Santiago right now. It has 165 000km and we ask 8380$ (7000 euros).
It is customized by our care with a folding bed base, folding matress and storage spaces down, simple and solid. Fully eauiped and ready to go. (Cf pictures)

At the mechanical level we had no problem, the engine is in perfect condition and the rest as well. We made technical revisions regularly, changed candles, 2 drive belts and rotation of the right front wheel. We also redid twice the parallelism what is completely normal by driving on the dusty roads of South America.It is the strong vehicle which showed its ability on the southern carretera of chile, and on the even more destroyed roads of Bolivia, until 5000 m of height.

It is not a 4x4 but it is a van high on wheels, that allows to go everywhere, without the inconveniences of 4x4 (lack of internal space, consumption, price(prize) of rooms(parts,plays) has to replace in case of problem). We were able to follow with no problem at all - certainly a little less quickly - a 4x4 Suzuki in the extreme South Lipez, the hardest part. He led to us loyally on all the roads of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

1 converter 12v - > 220v of 500W to recharge phones and laptops
1 auxiliary battery
1 unused spare wheel
1 anti-theft device for steering wheel
2 jerrycans for oil 20 L each
1 tent 2 places wich worth 70$
1 solar shower of 40 L
1 obligatory Kit of safety for car (fire extinguisher, triangle and reflecting vest)
1 dense foam foldable custom-made mattress 140cm large and 20 cm in thickness
1 hammock
1 foldable garden table
1 outside parasol to plant in the ground
1 can of 20 L with faucet
1 cooktop with two fires to cook nice dishes, with system of tip for Chilean and Peruvian gas cylinder
1 big plastic box of 32 L for grocery products
1 big icebox for fruits vegetables and meats (50x33x19) (made in USA)
5 large sun hides for windows
1 compact clothes rack to suspend
2 rackets of badminton
1 big basin
1 average basin
1 big thermos jug 1.5 L to keep the water fresh
2 sorters of documents who did not serve
1 meter to unroll of 5m
1 waterspray
1 brush for floor
4 multifunction boards
10 small pliers
3 boxes convertible into seats containing each:

kitchen box:
- 1 chopping block
- 1 stove
- 1 pan
- 5 tupperwares
- Cutlery
- 2 tumblers, 1 cup, 1 cup for maté
- 1 can opener,
- 1 opener for wine and beer bottles

- 2 motor drive belts of replacement
- Iron wire
- sanding paper
- 4 boxes of screws various sizes
- 1 sharp plier
- 1 turn saw multi-tips
- 1 pair of clamps for battery
- 3 flies for clothes
- Anti-mosquito
- 1 tube super glue + 1 tube of flexible glue
- Lots of matches

Third box:
- 1 auxiliary battery
- 1 mosquito net 2 x 3m
- 1 case of 1st help
- 1 bag of washing about 600g
- 1.5 L of wash liquid

Thank you for eaching me on my mail : [email protected]

Hasta la vista !

Bruno de Ginestet and Sahiri Quarzell


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