Selling vehicles in South America - how do we do it?

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#1 Thu, 11/01/2012 - 08:08

Selling vehicles in South America - how do we do it?

We're looking for information about selling our campervan in South America.

- Does anyone have detailed info about selling in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay?

- We are interested in knowing how we would transfer the title to a new owner. EG is it advantageous to keep our car registered somewhere? (our van is currently registered in California, but we are wondering if we need to keep re-registering it each year). If the car is no longer registered anywhere, does it make it more difficult to transfer ownership, or is this irrelevant?

- Does anyone know how the levels of import tax compare in those three countries?

- How do we deal with the issue of the temporary import permit being in our name?

Any info, or web resources you know of, would be much appreciated.


Paula and Jeremy




Sat, 11/03/2012 - 11:12

Hi Guys,

Hi Guys,


It depends on where your vehicle is registered. UK is easy because you can just send V5 back to DVLA with buyers name - needs an address to send V5 back to but that's all. Will be reissued in new owners name. US may be more difficult because of yearly registration.

The actual transaction should be done at a border. Drive across one side and cancel TIP - new owner drives into the country and gets TIP in his name.

Due to wait on V5/reg docs from Western Country you may want to forge doc with new name. Scan and change name - easy enough. 

Import taxes can be avoided if you sell in Free trade zones in Chile, eg Iquique. I think Argentina is 50% !

Hope this helps,