Setting off soon - a few questions

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#1 Thu, 03/24/2011 - 07:19

Setting off soon - a few questions

Hi all, we're new to the site and are planning a trip that starts this summer. We live in the UK. We'll be flying to the US to buy a campervan in July and then plan to enter Mexico at Tijuana, drive down Baja California and then drive to Argentina via everywhere-ish! It's great to find a place where we can converse with like-minded folk. Sorry there are so many questions below...

BUYING AND INSURING VEHICLE IN US: After researching it, it is now our understanding that we can buy and register a vehicle in the US, as long as we have an address we can use. We will stay with friends while going through this process, and use their address.

Q- Does anyone have experience of buying a car in the US, as a foreigner? Any info would be useful.

Q- Does anyone have any recommendations for US car insurance companies that would fully insure us, as foreigners, for the US leg of our trip?

Q - We have contacts who will let us use their addresses in Georgia, Florida and California. Where's best to buy!? Obviously we want a van that is easy to maintain in LatAm. Any dealers you can recommend?

INSURANCE IN LATAM: From reading the site and other sources this is what we understand - that we can buy full insurance from Sanborns, for almost all of LatAm, and this includes coverage for theft of the vehicle. And that in some countries we would also have to purchase an extra layer of liability insurance. Does this sound correct?

Q - How have others insured the contents of their van/car? Was this through your regular travel insurance policy? Did your Sanborns policy cover the content as well eg if the whole vehicle was stolen?

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Paula and Jeremy Dear, London, UK





Thu, 03/24/2011 - 08:17

Welcome to DTA

We have some information about purchasing a car as a foreigner in California.  See the Purchasing a Vehicle article if you haven't checked that out already.  This include instructions for buying a car in California, as well as a discussion of what type of car to buy.  There is a forum thread about which type of car to buy as well - worth a read.  Each state has pretty different requirements, so what goes in California won't necessarily be the same in Florida or Georgia.  That said, (in general) Florida and Georgia have much more lax regulations and much lower taxes than California, so it may be easier and/or cheaper to do there.  Check out the Georgia Department of Driver Services and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Services websites - they probably have information on the process for purchasing a vehicle.  

I don't know about foreigners buying car insurance here, so I'll defer to the non-US citizens for that question. 

Your assessment of the insurance situation sounds perfect.  

Our renters insurance actually covered our belongings wherever we were, so we didn't have to buy separate insurance for the stuff in our car - it's worth checking whatever type of renter or homeowner insurance you might already have to see if it covers you while you're traveling.  

When you do start your trip, be sure to contact us so we can profile you in our Roadtripper Profiles section - safe travels!