Shipping Canadian-registered vehicle from USA to Chile

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#1 Wed, 08/28/2019 - 11:13

Shipping Canadian-registered vehicle from USA to Chile

Hello DTA,

I am about to leave on an 8 month adventure from Canada to Chile/Argentina. I want to ship my Canadian-registered car from California to Chile. I am being told that this is an issue for the shipping company, because my car is not registered in the USA. They are saying I would have to get a bonded carrier to temporarily import my vehicle across the Canada-USA border. When I asked if I can just temporarily import it into the USA when I cross the border (driving myself), they said that isn't possible. Does anyone have experience with shipping a Canadian car from the USA to Chile? Any help would be much appreciated!



Sun, 09/08/2019 - 15:18

Shipping from UK (Europe) to Argentina (December 2019)


We are looking to ship a VW Camper from the UK (or other European port) to Argentina.  Anyone interested in sharing a 40' container?



Mon, 09/09/2019 - 07:46

We can ship your vehicle from Tacoma to Chile or Argentina

How are you. We are specialized on shippoing adventurer's vehicles all over the Americas and other continents. Mainly we cover Norht and South America , Chile , Argentina. Our base is Florida but with roots in Chile.

Forst of all , the cheapest way is RORO but , form Canada, we can only offer you from Halifax or Tacoma/Seattle USA , which is close to Vancouver or Canada West area.  I will appreciate if toy contact us at  [email protected] and give us more infomraiton .  Departing port and detials of your vehicle (make ,modle, size )

Also we are ready to publish shared container form Los Angeles , Houston areas , for all vehicles and motrcycles intersted on sharing our container. 

We are in charge of all procedures and port matters ,on both countries (USA. Chile and Argentina).  Let us know please, we are glad ot assist you.

Gaston E.Vidal  at 

[email protected]

Mon, 09/09/2019 - 07:56

Of course we also could ship

Of course we also could ship your vehice from Los Angeles in additon to Tacoma to Chile or Argentina.

REgarding your documentation and process, all you have to do is cross the border and explain Customs you need to do a informal entry (From 7501 ) because you will rexport thre vehicle out of USA (Los angeles-Tacoma to South America).

US Customs at borders probably will ttell you  they dont do that kind of process. It is not a problem anyway. At the moment of the export out of Los Angeles , we process both the import and the export paperwork , which is a simple and fast  process. If oyu contact us we could help you further. WE have had many cases like yours.

What they are telling you is not totally true. You can dricve to USA , cross the border as everybody else and then re-export the vehicle , complying with I said above. 

Gaston E.Vidal

[email protected]