small bus for sale! CHEAP! in Mehico. fully equipped dream home!

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#1 Sat, 07/07/2018 - 09:37

small bus for sale! CHEAP! in Mehico. fully equipped dream home!

Steel interior frame welding and all recycled hardwood interior. absolutely beautiful Ford F450 Minibus. We hand built this and drove it from US to Panama twice, and now are on to a more sea worthy adventure. Could use the money, if you have any interest, please make an offer. 10 year permit in Mexico. (9 left). Good to go in USA. Easy to get through every border. Asking $7,000 OBO 

Ford E450 Minibus

All terrain tires
Automatic transmission
7.3 L V8
200,000 mile
A/C & Heater
Power steering

Bamboo Floors
Electric doors and windows
Big deck hatch as sunroof
Stow away ladder to Rooftop
Padded roof for upper deck

260W Solar panel
1000 W Battery
Idiot Switch
LED Lights throughout
12 V fans and water pump
Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
Full kitchen setup (refrigerator recently shorted so now theres a cooler ;) 
Pop in/out Dining Table

no bathroom, was never a problem for us in 2 years.
shower attached to kitchen sink and hose+nozzle runs outside

Huge comfortable bed / fold out sofa
Sheets, pillows and mattress cover
Black out curtains
Mosquito screens and spares
Library shelf with epic books

110 v Fans
Full closet
Surf board storage inside: long and several short. 
Dish draining rack

Spare parts
Spare tire
Large first aid kit
Fire extinguishers
Basic tools


Recent Maintenance:

Water Filter change (May 1, 2017) (July 5, 2018)
Changed oil, filter and liquids (april 4, 2017) (July 5, 2018)
Changed oil and filter every 10,000km.
New window tint shade 5 (very dark)
6 New off road tires (March 5, 2017) (July 5, 2018)
Brand new battery (July 5, 2018)



LINK to craigslist ad: for PHOTOS>


Paperwork in order.
Possible to change the owner quickly and travel in all countries without problems.

Like I said, we've driven the length 3 times and are happy to tell you about all our adventures. She's been an extremely sound vehicle and we're stoked to have had the ol' gal. 

call/text/whatsapp (+1)5037019449 and I'll put you in contact with colin.