SOLD - 1997 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FZJ80 - August/September 2017 in Chile

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SOLD - 1997 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FZJ80 - August/September 2017 in Chile

Hi Adventurers!

We are Julie & Alexandre, a Swiss-French couple, the 3rd owners of this beautiful Toyota Land Cruiser (TLC) - our baby “Brigitte”. We bought her in San Francisco (California) with 235’500 miles and drove throughout Americas within 2 years.

Brigitte will have about 270’000 miles by the end of the trip but do not worry she is ready to go anywhere (nothing to do aside usual maintenance).
Bear in mind that we spent 6 months before beginning our trip to find the perfect one and to prepare it for this long adventure. As we are perfectionist persons, it was essential for us to do a major service in order to avoid car issues during the way (so do not be afraid of the GOOD list below). Thus, we can assure you that we took really good care of Brigitte as she is our home and might be yours soon :)

Why did we choose a TLC 80 series for this road-trip? Is not the mileage too high?

Aside of being roomy (to sleep well inside), accessible (parts and car price in comparison with other rigs) and minimally electric (having a vehicle that is primarily mechanical out in the bush is always a bonus), the Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 is one of the most reliable and capable 4WD. It is considered on the top 10 greatest 4x4 of all time. Indeed, when well maintained, those cars are extremely durable and can go up to 600'000 miles (1’000’000 km). This is the reason why they have a 2nd life in the 3rd world countries. For instance, most NGOs own (and ambulance/police cars are) Toyota Land Cruisers.
If we have not convinced you enough that Brigitte is a real gold nugget, you can take a look at these websites among many others:

GOOD: (about 8’000$ investment but we have 6’505$ of supporting invoices)
- Front Bumper Toyota Land Cruiser installed
- Center Differential Locker (CDL) installed
- OME Suspension lift kit 2’5 inches (shocks, springs and bushings) installed
- Front Reparation Kit (axle, bearings & seals) + Steering Knuckles greased
- Valve Cover Gasket replaced
- Oil Pump Gasket replaced
- Distributor’s O-rings, Cap and Rotor replaced
- Front Crank Shaft Seal replaced
- Power Steering Pump Gaskets replaced
- Fan Clutch replaced
- Battery replaced + extra one fixed on the front (but not set up as auxiliary yet)
- Timing Belts replaced
- Brake Booster replaced
- Disc Brakes and Pads (Front & Rear) replaced + Brake Fluid flushed and bled
- All Radiator Hoses (including PPH) replaced + Coolant drained and replaced
- Engine Oil + Filter replaced (every 3’500 miles)
- U-Joints (Front & Rear) replaced (greased every 7’000 miles)
- Fuel Filter + Air Filter replaced (every 15’000 miles)
- Spark-plugs replaced (every 30’000 miles)
- Transfer Case & Differentials (Front & Rear) Fluids replaced (every 30’000 miles)
- Transmission Fluid replaced + Filter cleaned (every 30’000 miles)
- Tires Discoverer Cooper (275/70R16) including spare tire (50% life remaining)
- Injectors cleaned + O-rings, Grommets and Insulators replaced

BAD: (but really not important)
- Leather from the passenger & driver seats as well as the steering wheel & gearshift is a bit cracked (but we put covers on them so it is not visible)
- Hood does not hold by itself when open (we make it hold with a piece of wood)
- Driver side-view mirror does not fold in
- Brigitte has a few scratches

The car is sold with all our extra materials (about 2500$ investment but we have 1190$ of supporting invoices), which include:
- Bike Rack Yakima with 2 bikes (Gary Fisher Tarpon of 16 inches & Raleigh SC30 of 20 inches) + locker
- Cargo Box Thule on the rooftop + Holding Bar
- Surfboard Rack & Cover + 1 Surfboard (Carton of 7’6ft) + Kanulock Locker of 8ft
- Jerrycan Holder + 5 Gallon (20L) Jerrycan in metal including Locker
- Complete tools box: hammer drill and compact drill set; ratchet wrench set (including oil-filter, spark-plug and wheels wrenches); screwdrivers, pliers and file; lift-jack; O-ring tool set; saw and hammers; fire-extinguisher; magnetic flashlight; glue, scotch and duct tape, etc.
- Cooking equipment: camping stove, propane gas tank of 10LB (4.5kg), pan, pot, dishes, utensils, etc.
- Foam Mattress of high quality (on which you will sleep like a baby) 3 x 44 x 71 inches + 4 pillows + sheets
- Four Storage Boxes (big) that perfectly fit our wood structure (underneath)
- Hand-made Curtains (even if the back windows are originally tinted)
- Hand-made Mosquito Nets (4 rear windows + trunk)
- Anti-theft to block the steering wheel (truck club n°3)
- Car connectors/chargers for smartphone, iPod and computer
- Factory Service Manual of TLC FZJ80 (eBook)

Travelling with Brigitte (and our equipment) is freedom and pleasure guaranteed. As you can see on the pictures, we built a wood structure on which 2 persons can sleep. It can pivot to remove the bed and roll on the mattress in order to welcome 3 additional persons (it takes 3 min) so that we could receive our family or hitch-hikers. Underneath and aside are some storage spaces.

We have the Californian license plate so it is really easy to transfer the car's ownership (title to be send to the DMV with the new owner information in order to receive the new title at your name - meanwhile this title will also be at your name since it has space made for the new owner acquisition).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by mail: [email protected]
For interested people, we could easily organize a Skype to show you the car as well as the invoices. We do speak English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

The car is to be sold in Chile on August/September 2017 for 11’000 US Dollar (CHF & EUR are welcome).

Brigitte is awaiting to bring you wherever your dreams guides you…! :)

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Brigitte has been sold