*SOLD* 2012 Fiat Fiorino camper for sale in Santiago

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*SOLD* 2012 Fiat Fiorino camper for sale in Santiago

Hello! We are selling our beloved “Condorito” in Santiago, Chile sometime in the next few weeks. Condorito is a trusty 2012 Fiat Fiorino with Chilean plates. Includes camp gear and a simple buildout in the back for sleeping/hanging out.

PRICE: $6000 USD

Here is the breakdown of some things that are and are not included:



-Purrs like a kitten

-All papers up to date until Feb/March 2019 and all in our name, including padron (title)

-Low mileage - currently at 88,775 k / 55,162 miles and we will probably add another 2,000 ks at the most

-Good gas mileage - around 13-14 k per liter / 32 mpg according to our mileage app

-New tires in the front
-New alignment

-Convertible bed and bench in back (see below re cushion)

-Spare tire

-Roof rack added when purchased

-Good audio setup with aux plugin

-USB lighter plugin for phone

-Lots of camp stuff - kitchen (pretty much everything you’ll need), 36-liter rolling cooler, 2 sleeping pads, camp table, 2 camp chairs, small camp stool, three plastic 61-liter bins, some tools, solar powered led lamp with USB charger, welcome mat, tarp, set of sheets, two pillows, big wool blanket, a hanging storage thingy, probably more stuff I am forgetting



-No air conditioning
-No airbags
-No security system
-No problem!



-Glove compartment is janky. It falls open on really bumpy roads so we have had to use a couple of different methods to keep it shut. Currently using velcro.

-Might need a new steering gearbox eventually according to our alignment guys but not an immediate issue.

-Sleeping cushions - we bought the first ones we found back in December. They are too short for the bed and are thinning out now so you may want a new cushion. We usually just let our feet hang off or prop them on the sleeping pads. Just being honest here.

-We have two cheap yoga mats that are falling apart, if you want them they’re yours!

-Our two person tent is included too, but the stretchy string in one of the poles is broken. Still works though!

-We kept the two old tires in case of a blowout, have just been tying them to the roof rack if you want them.

-One of our methods of storage is a shoe hanger. It’s seen better days, but again you can choose to keep or not.


~Other info to consider~

-We have been driving it for about four months in Chile, without any problems.

-The bed buildout is very simple - just 2x4s and plywood. And it is not for tall people. Laura is 5’4” and is mostly fine but Javier is 5’10” and has to stretch his legs a little sideways.

-You need a RUT to buy a car in Chile. It was kind of annoying but not too bad, we are happy to give advice. When you get a RUT, we will just go to a Notary and transfer the paperwork. Then you will need to wait about a month to get the padron in your name, but you can drive it around Chile until then.

-We may also be selling the surfboard with bag and wetsuit. Let us know if interested.

-Payment by bank transfer, paypal, or other electronic means. Also possible with U.S. bank check. No cash please.

Final thoughts. When we bought this thing we had been searching for a while specifically for a Fiorino. It’s a great little car that is the perfect size for us, as we are used to living in a small space. We looked for weeks on Facebook groups, Yapo, Chileauto, and walked around every town looking for “se vende” signs. Cars aren’t cheap in Chile so we were picky. We finally got Condorito at a used car lot in Santiago and felt it was a really good deal given the mileage and condition of the car. Over four months, it’s been a great home. We would love to sell it to fellow travelers but if not our salesperson has already offered to buy it back - it’s in that good of shape.

Let us know if you have any questions or need more info! If we don’t respond immediately it is just because we are rolling around the desert with no Wifi. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

DM on Facebook, email [email protected], or Whatsapp +1-956-498-1140

Tue, 04/03/2018 - 18:18

Up!  Still for sale.  Camping

Up!  Still for sale.  Camping equipment may be available separately for those interested.  Both the equipment and vehicle are in great condition.