Sold 4wd mistubishi delica in chile

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Sold 4wd mistubishi delica in chile

Im looking to sell Delilah, my Mitsubishi Delica 4WD Campervan. She has been an awesome car and taken me to a lot of amazing places but i am looking to meet up with a group of friends to travel for a few months so need to sadly sell the car.

The car is running well and has been well looked after. It has been regualrly serviced and there is a list with the KM’s of when work was done as well as the receipts. This has been a big help for me along the way as it is an easy way to check when you need to change fluids or parts. I have a good user manual that I will leave with the car which has some quick troubleshooting methods as well as a full run over of the cars parts and how to change out things like oil or fan belts if you want to do it yourself and aren’t a pro at it yet. It is all ready to go so you can jump in and head of on your adventure.

General information:
Mitsubishi Delica 2800 turbodiesel intercooler
4WD with extra low gear and differential lock
Building year: 1996
ODO: 243 000 km
Fuel consumption: 10-11l / 100km
Automatic gearbox
Right hand drive
Registered in Suriname (no problems when crossing borders or selling the car, its actually easier)

More about the car:

It’s a small 4WD which will bring you to places difficult or even impossible to reach with a normal vehicle or a campervan. It is also easy to drive and park in bigger cities. There is a fixed bed installed and there are boxes underneath to store all the stuff you need. The windows in the back of the car are tinted. The car is ready to go, just throw in your backpack and hit the road!

Service history:
The car is in a very good condition for its age (certified by a garage). During my trip I have been to garages regularly to do all the necessary oil and filter changes and replaced the following parts: shock absorbers, upper and lower balljoints in the front, fan belts, starter, injectors.  Furthermore, there is a new battery. The turbo is also renewed. There is a new spare tyre, the two front tyres are only 4 months old and the back ones are 3 months old. The services were done in official Mitsubishi garages (bills available).

inverter 12 to 220V

pioneer radio with CD and MP3

fuel can 20 liters for long roads

several fresh water reservoirs (30 liters in total)

steering lock

box for cooking with 2 portable gascookers and pot/pan/plates/cutlery/etc.

toolbox with booster cables, small goodyear airpump to inflate the tyres after beach or difficult road, some spanners, rachet set, crowbar, hammer, screwdrivers, chisels, vicegrip, some other basic tools

sheets, mattress, a thick and a thin blanket, pillows

warning triangle

fire extinguisher

First Aid Kid

Tent and sleeping bag



Sorry to all those who were interested the van has been sold

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