SOLD: 4x4 Land Rover Defender 110, 300TDi nov/dec in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina or Chile

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SOLD: 4x4 Land Rover Defender 110, 300TDi nov/dec in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina or Chile

Our 1998 4x4 Defender 110, 300 TDi is for sale! fully equiped for a big off road adventure:

Timing and place for the sale is negotiable.

The car has been amazing during our trip. Without any problems did the turbo diesel get us over the passes of the Andes of 4700 meter altitute. Also during our 2000 km trip crossing the amazons the car never let us down except for a loose exhaust pipe and a flat tire. This is because the car has been maintained very well all his life and during the trip. The car only had 2 owners in his life and we still have receipts of maintainance of the last 7 years. We shipped it from the Netherlands to Colombia.

Because of the size of the back of the car you can easily sleep in the car as well as in the rooftop tent. So don't boil away on hot summer days sleeping in a cramped car and use the spacious tent, but sleep in the car when the winds are howling in the mountains.


Milage: 310590 km

It is very fuel economic for a 4x4: 9.1 L on 100 Km (11 km per liter)


It comes with:

-2.5 seats in the front and a lot of space in the back.

-Rooftop tent + tent extension (as new) (newprice tent 2500 dollar)

-High + low gear & automatic differential locking system

-Front and back free moving suspension for real 4x4 work

-High lift jack for jacking the vehicle but also for manually recovering your car when you are stuck

-2x sand waffle plates (recovery tracks)


-12 V 105 Ah second battery with automatic processor switch

-20 L diesel jerrycan

-Almost new back tires

- Spare tyre with rim

- Spare tire without rim

-Coleman gasoline stove + 5 L jerrycan

-Cooking and cleaning equipment

-2x chairs

-Watertank 20L

-Different spare parts

-Boxes to keep stuff in

-Toolbox with different tools

-3 car handbooks for maintainance with all details about the car

-Surfboard rack on the side of the car

-Front roof rack


Why we sell it? Because we found a job in Scotland for the next 4 years and driving with a left hand car in a right hand driving country is not ideal... Otherwise we would have loved to take him back to The Netherlands.

It has original Dutch licence plates and the paperwork is officially registred on our name.

Price (negotiable): 8500 euro (or equivalent in other currency)

Please feel free to contact us by post, email or whatsapp for more info, pictures or movies:

Mail: Willems(point)cjl(at)gmail(point)com

Whatsapp: 0031619838415


Cees & Jeanine

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