[-- SOLD!! -- ]Big Van, FORD ECONOLINE with Bed inside, AC, etc. Panama in January - beginning of February 2017

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#1 Tue, 12/20/2016 - 13:03

[-- SOLD!! -- ]Big Van, FORD ECONOLINE with Bed inside, AC, etc. Panama in January - beginning of February 2017


We are selling our Van in Panama or Costa Rica! If you're interested get in touch here:
[email protected]

---  The must knows  ---
* Van - Ford Econoline - Perfect Travel Van, huge interior, AC, new radio, good for taking people with you and saving on gasoline (we did Mexico-Panama without any problems, jun-dec 2016)
* For sale around january - beginning of february in Panama.
* Basic Van-Travel gear included
* We’ll help you with the paperwork (officially overwrite it at a notary).
* About 173’000 km at the time of sale

* Price 3’500$ U.S.

---  Details  ---
* Registration: Mexican Plated/Registered on our name (power of attorney is needed by a public notary to transfer over to new owner)
* Year: 1994
* Gear: Automatic
* KM: about 173’000 driven at time of sale
* Seating: 7 people (back seats convertible to bed)
* Engine: 5l, 8 cylinders
* Previous car owners history present (important in some countries)

---  Equipment / Add-ons  ---
* Huge interior, customizable to any travelers gusto
* Built-in bed structure… the backseat-bench is convertible
* Big and comfy seats, it feels like on a sofa everywhere in this car.
* Anti mosquito netting and curtains on back windows
* Anti mosqiuto netting installed by ourselves for a good nights sleep
* New radio with USB, AUX and Bluetooth
* USB charger dock via cigarette lighter
* Darkened car windows, so people can’t see inside easily
* Camping chair to chill while waiting for the pasta to cook
* Hammock… portable bed or chillout area
* Water tank 20l so you’ll never die of thirst
* 3 plastic containers to store food, clothes, tools, whatever you like…
* Some basic tools like screwdrivers, glue, cable ties… etc.
* Boogie board to rock the waves of central america
* Pillow and bed linen for the bed
* Highlift jack to lift up the car
* Spare tire

---  State of car maintenance  ---
* New car battery (jun 2016)
* New spark plugs and cables (jun 2016)
* 4 wheels in good conditions
* Breaks in good conditions (new brake disc on rear left)
* New radio (brand: Kenwood)
* New speakers (only in front)
* We cleaned and checked the cooling radiator (jun 2016)
* We painted the wooden parts inside to match the outside color…looking good! :)

---  The only Deficiencies  ---
* Back door and side door only open from inside (fixable)
* A part of the door cover front left is missing


If you're interested get in touch here:
[email protected]


Wed, 12/21/2016 - 14:07

I can offer you $1700 for the

I can offer you $1700 for the van and a night at my hotel in jaco.   You cannot legally cross the border unless the title is in your name, A power of attorney will not help you at the border. I live in Costa Rica and am well away with all customs and imporations. The van must be imported taxes paid and a new title in the new owners name issued for you to legallly exit the country. I import vehicles regularly and am well aware of everything that is involved.  cheers Marc 

Fri, 12/23/2016 - 05:57 (Reply to #2)

Thanks for your offer!

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your offer! We are aware of the process of importing, paying taxes etc. and know that it is not easy. We have some other people who are interested in the van though with a much higher price. Right now we are in Costa Rica but also might move to Panama and try to sell it there, since the taxes are lower. But just in case, let's keep in touch. Please write me an email with your costarican phone number so we can talk more easily... [email protected].

Enjoy your day in Jaco, it must be hot as hell there right now! :)

Cheers, Elias

Tue, 09/12/2017 - 08:51

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