SOLD Custom 4x4 Astro Van for sale,December 2017, Southern California

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SOLD Custom 4x4 Astro Van for sale,December 2017, Southern California

1997 Chevrolet Astro AWD (All Wheel Drive)
4.3L (4300cc) 190 HP V6
4 speed Automatic gearbox
170,000 Miles (274,000kms) at time of handover
California plates
Asking price € 5.000

We will be finishing our year of travel around South and Central-America around mid-December and are looking to sell our van in Southern Californa. We are somewhat flexible on the date; handover can be between the start of December but no later than the 20th.

This van is amazing. We bought it in Ushuaia from a couple from the USA who spent a year fully customizing it into the perfect travel home. They spent a great deal of attention to detail, as you will see from the pics. This van has a strong motor with plenty of power which comes in handy in the mountains, it will easily cruise at 100KPH unlike its VW competitors which struggle up hills. Also the 4 wheel drive is great for getting on and off the beaches.

One of our favorite things about it is the fact that it is well protected against burglary. First of all there is a hidden safe bolted to the frame of the car, where you can store important documents, cash and small electronics (hard drives, go pro’s ect.). The tinted windows and front window covers prevent people to be able to look inside for valuables. Last but not least, next to a wheel lock club there is a hidden ignition kill switch. It’s impossible to start the engine without pushing it. So even if people would manage to break into the car, they cannot drive off with it and all your valuables are safely locked away. This will always give you a comfortable feeling when leaving the car somewhere and makes travelling so much more pleasant.

Next to that, it’s a very comfortable car to travel with and live in. The seats are pleasant and the bed has a memory foam mattress which is heaven to sleep on. For warm nights there is a fan built into the roof. There is a sound system available in the back, giving both nice music in the kitchen while cooking and great sound for movie nights. Due to the fact that the passenger seat can turn around, you can create a little living room in the back, which is awesome when the weather is bad and you need a place to shelter. Finally, it’s one of the few vans we found that is not too huge but still has a shower system (outside). This makes it possible to go wild camping for long periods, not being dependent on hostels for showers and keeps the budget low.

This van really is great and has way too many features to list, but we try to give you the overview below.

Van Features
Power windows and locks
12/15 MPG, +- 17 L/100km
Cruise control
Dimensions, L 190” (4.8m) x W 78” (1.96m) x H 95” (2.4m), including storage box
Fits into container
2” body lift
modified rear springs (adds 2”lift)
New rear and front Air shocks (04/17)
New tires Oversized AT tires 235/75R15 (04/17) (with full size spare) 75% tred life at time of handover
Anti-theft bolt on wheels
Hidden Integrated ignition kill switch
95% tinted rear windows, 50% tinted driver and passenger windows

Exterior Features
Roof Rack
ARB Awning, 8’ x 8’ (2.5m x 2.5m) with LED lighting
ARB 5 walled bug screen (attaches under awning)
Yakima 15 cu.ft. roof top storage box, fitting our 2 soft suitcases and lots of other gear
5 gallon (20L) solar shower with compressor fitting (plenty of water pressure)
5 gallon (20L) spare fuel tank on the roof
100w solar panel on roof (attaches with locks and is removable with 50’ extension cord)
50” 300w LED light bar above windshield

Interior Features
175 Amp Hour AGM house battery
2000w inverter
10m extension cable to connect to exterior power
120v outlet
JVC sound system (USB, CD, Bluetooth, AUX)
Small safe bolted to the frame, accessible from the interior
Overhead lighting (LED or Classic)
14” Roof mounted vent fan with 3 speeds, 2 way airflow, and rain sensor
Interior shelving
Hardwood flooring
Couch expands to double bed with 4” memory foam mattress
All bed linens included,
3 Large plastic storage containers stored under the couch
Front passenger seat swivels 180°
Curtains for every window and separating cab form bed
Front windshield privacy/sun shades

2 way AC/DC refrigerator
2 burner propane stove, slides out from under refrigerator
1 gallon (5KG) propane tank, under sink
Stainless steel sink with hand pump faucet
7 gallon (28L) water tank, under sink
2 x 120v outlet
LED work light
Storage, shelving, baskets
Flatware, silverware, tupperware, and kitchen towels
2 pans, 1 pot, 1 wok and large variety of cooking utensils

Included equipment
Garmin handheld, waterproof GPS with all maps for North and South America loaded
12v air pump, for tires and shower
12v rechargeable hand vacuum cleaner
2 folding camp chairs
Vehicle levelers
Shovel, hatchet, machete, fire tongs, and folding grill
6 gallon (24L) collapsible bucket and tools for hand washing with drying line
Extra large, very extensive first aid kit
Fire extinguisher
Warning triangles
White sheet, required in some countries
Travel guides: Lonely Planet for South America, Footprint for Central America
Large tool kit + spare parts for the car
Yoga matt
Extra tent – sleeps 2-3 people
+ many more small things

Known problems
Cracked front windshield, runs half the length of the glass on the drivers side. It is on the lower portion of the glass and is not really very noticeable when driving. It was already there when we bought it.

AC doesn't work but can be fixed if this is a feature you would want to use

Feel free to contact us on [email protected]

Sun, 08/27/2017 - 12:04

More info please

Could you please send more info on the logistics of the van itself to [email protected]  What type of van is it? how many cylinders? Fuel consumption per gallon, how many miles/km on the clock, does it have high clearance?.  Where is it registered? Where are you now...we are in Guatemala and live here.  Also how much are you asking for it?  Thanks.

Sun, 08/27/2017 - 12:40 (Reply to #2)

Text missing

Apologies, part of our text was missing:
1997 Chevrolet Astro AWD (All Wheel Drive)
4.3L (4300cc) 190 HP V6
4 speed Automatic gearbox
170,000 Miles (274,000kms) at time of handover
California plates
Asking price € 10.000

I also added it to the body of the post.
Feel free to contact me on [email protected]

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 23:40

Hi guys, might be interested

Hi guys, might be interested - I think I've met the original owners on the way down to Ushuaia, so I've already seen the van in person :)
How about the registration, title and the smog check status? If you sell outside of the US, how do you plan on doing the transfer?
If in southern Cali, will the car have valid title/reg/smog check? Thanks :)

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 08:26 (Reply to #4)


We honestly are first waiting to see where we will sell the van before figuring out how to get all the paperwork sorted. We bought it in Ushuaia so it must indeed have been the one you already saw. If you are still interested, let's keep in touch via email ([email protected]). Where are you located?