SOLD: Ford Explorer XLT - FEBRUARY-MARCH in Perú, Ecuador or Colombia.

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SOLD: Ford Explorer XLT - FEBRUARY-MARCH in Perú, Ecuador or Colombia.

We are selling our Ford Explorer XLT April somewhere around Perú, Ecuador and Colombia

We bought the car in Sept.2017 in Bogotá, Colombia through a dealer (very kind and helpful by the way). We have driven through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and now Chile. We are planning to end our trip around March. The car drives perfectly in high altitude (we have reached 5.200 mts). No crashes or scratches. When we tell people the car is actually from the 90s, people freak out. It has been really well taken care.

Model: Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 V6
Year: 1997
Colombian plates
Gasoline, consuming about 13liters/100km
Automatic transmision
Milage: The counter is broken since we bought it. It stopped in 160.000 km. What we can say is that we have done as of today 10.000 km aprox.
Revision técnica done in Colombia before we left.  Valid until Sept. 2018 (only necessary if you plan to drive through Colombia)
Seguro (Colombian SOAT): Bought before we left Colombia. Again valid until October 2018  (only necessary if you plan to drive through Colombia).

Reparations done:
- Brand new brake discs and pads (Sept 2017)
- Back rear suspensión (Sept 2017)
- Front joints (Dec 2017)
- Gearbox (Dec 2017)  This has been our biggest reparation. Suddenly the gearbox broke down in Guayaquil and we had to fix it almost completely. This reparation costed 2.100 USD. Now it drives perfectly (also in high altitude). Please note, since we had to repair almost the whole gearbox, 4X4 function is not available anymore. Anyway, we hadn´t used it at all.
- Oil and oil filter changed every 5.000 km since we have it.
- All filters changed (Sept. 2017)
- Steering (Sept 2017)  Since then we drive with the steering Wheel rotated and the car tends to the left. No big deal. It something you just have to get used to.

Camping stuff:
- Selfmade bed of Wood of 1.25x1.90 with plenty of space until the top of the car. The wood bends in two so that you have more space during the day and for safety reasons.
- Foam mattress that also bends in two pretty broad and comfortable.
- 2 pillows, 1 duvet, and 2 bed sets.
- 1 gas stove, 2 pans, 1 saucepan, 4 forks, knives and spoons, 2 glasses, 1 cutting board, 2 plates and 2 bowls.
- 2 big boxes that fix under the bed where you can put the food and the clothes.
- 2 camping chairs
- 1 selfmade table
- 1 mosquito net
Please note, back seats have been removed so that there is more space in the car.

Price and purchase procedures:
Price: 4.000USD or 3.500 EUR
Purchase procedure: The car is currently on our name. We would encourage you to fly first to Colombia in order to get your RUNT number (it takes about 10 minutes and you can do it just with your Passport) and then collect the car. With the RUNT number we commit ourselves to help you with all the colombian bureaucracy so that you get the papers on your name so you dont have any issue when crossing borders. (We would contact the dealer where we bought the car, he did the papers for us).
If you are not willing to fly first to Colombia, we can do a power of attorney so that the sale is official. However we would need your commitment of driving to Colombia and changing the car owner name.

Please feel free to contact us at +34620566189 (via whatsapp). More and better photos to follow soon.
Fer & Marta

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