SOLD: Fully equipped Hyundai Galloper II mid/end of March in Santigo de Chile

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#1 Fri, 01/29/2016 - 07:07

SOLD: Fully equipped Hyundai Galloper II mid/end of March in Santigo de Chile

Hello travellers,

we`re selling our Hyundai Galloper II V6 3.0 l Full Exceed Automatic (2001) with currently 165.000 km. The price is 6500 Euro. We`re travelling Chile and Argentina with the car right now, and the car is doing a great job. We bought it from really nice people in Santiago who took good care of it. It needs 12 to 13 liters/100 km. So you have a 600-kilometer range on a full tank.

We´re leaving Santiago on march, 25th. You could have a look at the car in Santiago or Valparaíso approximately two weeks before that.

The car has plenty of space for two people.The sleeping space is spacious: approx. 0,70 m above the matrace.the car is 1,90 m high and 5m long.
We´re carrying climbing and bodyboarding equipment for two and all fits well.

We´re driving the dirt roads of the south carefree and with the 4wd switched on we reached the most beautiful beaches.

We bought new tires and the brakes are brandnew as well (bills present). Everything else was checked recently and works just fine.

Stuff that comes with the car:

self built bed with new futon mattress (190x135cm)

pillows, blanket

storage boxes under the bed


jetbag (180l)

gas cooker

pots, pans, dishes

table and two chairs

rain cover

water tank and camping shower

To buy a car in Chile you will need a RUT (Chilenean tax number). You can find instructions how to get one here in the forum or in the web or you can ask us. Favourite paymet method is paypal.

If you´re interested just write an email to kristinakontzi at We´re answering as soon as internet is available.

Here´s some pictures:

Kristina und Stefan

Sat, 02/20/2016 - 15:27

Your Car

I am interested, but need some clarifications. Price in US $. What is a jet bag? Do you have pictures of the interior and of the extras you mentioned?


Thu, 02/25/2016 - 06:27 (Reply to #2)


hey jt

we put some extra pictures of the interior and the stuff that comes with the car to the dropbox link. the price in dollar depends on the daily exchange rate when we would make the transaction. at the moment it would be around 7100 us-dollar. the jet bag is the roof rack box you can see on the pictures.

if you are still intersted, please write us an email and we can answer in a few days (because bad internet here;). when could you be in santiago? do you already know how to get a rut?