SOLD - Mitsubishi L300 Campervan fully equiped - (end of November / beginning of December 2018 Chile) -Stormtrooper-

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SOLD - Mitsubishi L300 Campervan fully equiped - (end of November / beginning of December 2018 Chile) -Stormtrooper-


SOLD since 7-10-2018


Hi there,

I am saying goodbye to this fairytale dream of traveling around so I´m selling my campervan after travelling around from Colombia until Chile for 5 months. The van -Stormtrooper- has Chilean plates which will make the sale in Chile easy. The van comes with all the necessities needed for an outdoor adventure. An important asset for this van is that the engine is completely revised about 20.000 km ago (at the time of sale). Literally every part inside of the engine except for the outer shell has been replaced with new parts. It has gone past 10k already, which is an important milestone for a revised engine. Also, the van is well-secured with second locks on every door and a car alarm (can be completely switched off with remote control).

This type of van is one of the ideal vans to buy for an overlanding trip in South America. It fits in with mid to higher segment quality vans. It doesn´t match up with the quality of some more expensive vans but for the price range the Mitsubishi L300 is one of the best models you can get. The van is a very solid build and the engine is excellent. Because of its popularity, the parts for the Mitsubishi L300 are accessible and cheap all over South America. The L300 is used in multiple countries as public transport, which also why sometimes people will start waving at you (I have done some free taxi services, a lot of fun). The outside definitely has its portion of scratches and bumps, but at least it doesn´t look like an expensive campervan with some nice gadgets to steal.

The van is in good shape as I, and the previous owners too, have always taken good care of it. This means doing the regular oil, oilfilter, airfilter change around 5000 km´s. Having checkups on the van by recommended Ioverlander garages every 10.000 km´s. The van is rear wheel drive which gives you some more grip while taking some more difficult, steeper and rougher terrain. It is not an off-roading 4x4, but it has taken me up some very steep, rocky, bumpy terrain. The previous owners have had some trouble with the engine and decided it was best to do a complete revision of the engine, so the inside was brand new again and they´ve kept the outer shell so that it still matches with the documents. This was done in a 10-day operation with fine-tuning and slow driving for the first 5000 km´s to run in the engine.


Price: 7000 USD or euro equivalent

Brand & model: Mitsubishi L300
Engine: 2.0 L gasoline, Manual shift 5 gears
Drive: Rear wheel drive
Year: 2010
License plates: Chile
Height with roofrack: 216 cm
Width: 167 cm
Kilometers at time of sale
Engine: ± 22.000 km
Van: ± 160.000 km
Gas usage: 10 km/l
Spare wheel: under back bumper

----Highlights of the van----
Three seater
Radio (mp3 cd´s, bluetooth pairing device, aux) 4 speakers
Tools for wheel replacement and jumpstarters etc.
Toolbox with tools for small fixes

----Sleeping area----
Pull-out bed from 1 person to 2 people, with all neccesities for 2 people
185 W solar panel with controller
100 Ah deep cycle battery
Indoor and outdoor lighting
12V and 220V connection to charge all sorts of appliances
300W craftsman converter
Mosquito nets all around and pulldown curtains
Enough space under bed for extra storage (diving equipment, kitesurf equipment), can be reached from both slide doors
Two big storage boxes under bed, 4 smaller storage boxes at bottom end of bed, cotton closet above bed, wooden shelves at top end of bed, and hooks all around
Portable 10 L shower bag
2 camping chairs
1 solid fold out camping table
4-digit electronic safe

All pans, utensils, plates, cups etc. for 4 people
Big and small frying pan and two saucepans with lids
4 sharp kitchen knives
5 storage boxes
2 washing tubs
Space to hang fruits or garlic etc.
Closet bottom left for spices etc.
Fold out working table
Big double stove with 10 L gastank
20L watertank with electric pump for easy access
Extra tools for campfire and bbq (woodsaw, axe, bbq-tweezers, working gloves,

For more details and history about the van send me a whatsapp or email and I´ll send you a whole description a video with a walkthrough, or we could do a skype or whatsappcall

[email protected]
Whatsapp +31650589639
Skype live: elliotmanchester

Hope I can find a good new owner for this awesome van!

Cheers, Elliot Manchester