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We have to sell our home on wheels as our journey through South America finds its end. The car comes with a big Thule roof box, is fully equipped with camping gear, has just the right size to go wherever you want, has 4WD, chilean plates and is very well maintained. For us, it’s simply the perfect car for overlanding – especially with surfboards or a lot of gear. Available from beginning October in Santiago de Chile.


8’750 US-Dollars for Mitsubishi Montero Sport (2001) including all gear and an almost new Thule box and new Thule roof racks (Thule has lifelong guarantees). Optional we sell the car without the box and racks for 7’500 US-Dollars, but only if we could sell the box and racks without the car.

(see listed details below)

The vehicle has 4-wheel drive and high ground clearance, making it able to deal with almost all kind of roads in South America. It has a comfortable mattress and blankets for two people, a little cupboard for clothes, storage underneath the bed, a wooden board on the roof that holds jerrycans, a big rooftop storage (original Thule box) which can hold a lot of gear for example three surfboards (our biggest board is 6’8’’). The car is fully equipped for any overlander adventure (camping and kitchen equipment, tent, straps, tools, 2 jerrycans, and so on).

We bought the car in September 2017 in Santiago de Chile, it is registered in Chile and has all the necessary documents and insurances. There is much work done (by us and by the previous owners) to the car to ensure it continues to run well and remains dependable. Below details are listed. Mitsubishi Montero is a very common vehicle throughout South America what makes it easy for you to find spare parts and cheap labor.

As we have already been through the experience of buying a ca in Chile, we are able to make this process easy for you. We can help you with whole procedure and our Chilean friend is happy to vouch for you (it is mandatory to have a Chilean citizen as guarantor when you apply for the RUT).

Thomas and Julie: thomas_eberle(at)mac.com or Whatsapp +41 76 580 91 82.
We’re happy to answer all your questions!


_Mitsubishi Montero Sport, 2001
_automatic transmission (4speed)
_V6 Engine
_mileage in October 2018: around 190.000 km and runs very well
_fuel consumption: between 11l/100km and 14l/100km – depending on weight, road conditions and speed
_4 Wheel Drive with three operating modes:
  -2WD with center differential
  -4WD High with center differential locked
  -4WD Low with center differential locked
_5 all terrain tires (1 spare)
_air conditioning and heating
_cruise control
_two + one seats (two seat in front and one spare seat in the back, which can be folded up by removing a part of the bed)
_electric sun roof
_tinted electric windows in the back
_Revision Tecnica is valid until February 2019 and Permiso de circulación until March 2019
_Certificado Seguro Obligado (insurance for Chile) is valid until 31 March 2019

Car Accessories:
_power inverter with 300W which brings you a plug with 230V directly connected with the battery of the car
_Thule roof box that locks off (we have 3 surfboards, two wetsuits and a some other stuff up there), incl. Thule roof racks
_wooden platform on the roof for storing extra gear with 2 plastic jerrycans (à 20 l)
_steering wheel lock
_roadside triangle reflectors, reflective vests and fire extinguisher (mandatory in most S.A. countries)
_windshield sunshade
_2 thick warm blankets => will be washed when delivered
_mattress with foamtop cushion => will be washed when delivered
_mosquito nets for the car windows
_curtains and a shutter between the driver cabin and the bed for privacy during night
_portable car-tyre pump 12V
_spark and jumper cables

Camping gear and tools:
_tent for 2 people
_1 sleeping mat
_ropes and tent pegs
_tarpaulin for sun or rain protection
_plastic storage bins that fit under the bed
_1 camping chair
_1 camping table, foldable
_2 camping stoves
_1 small icebox
_1 very small refrigerator (220v / 12v)
_2 breakfast bowls
_2 plastic glasses
_1 thermos (1l)
_forks, spoons, knives
_peeler and kitchen knives
_cutting board
_1 frying pan and 1 pot
_several Tupperware
_mini grill
_hammer, several screwdrivers, nails and screws
_and more…

Car Maintenance:
_Oil changes every 5000 to 7500 km as well as new air filter
_Oct 2017: new transmission fluid, fixed the hole AC and heating system, fixed engine cooling
_Dec 2017: changed the 4 WD Sensor, changed back break pads
_Aug 2018: replacement of 2 new ball joints, replaced top an inner scissor bushing front
_Aug 2018: car was newly painted (bonnet, doors, rear and front)

The listed maintenances are just the major ones. If you are interested in the car, we are happy to provide the whole list, receipts from the mechanics and official papers.

It's a very reliable and very well maintained car. We really loved our car and to travel with it and we hope others will love it as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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we're eventually interested in your car. We could com to Santiago in november (from 6th nov on). Would this fit with your plans? Will the chile-plates be a problem, if we want to travel to other countries as well? I read something like this.


Thu, 09/06/2018 - 14:39 (Reply to #2)

***Montero Sport Sale in Chile***

Hello Ecke

Where are you at the moment? We are driving slowly down from Colombia (Medellín) to Chile. If your on the road somewhere we maybe could meet before November. We will leave Santiago (and SA) the 18th October. But we have a friend, who would take over for us and arrange the whole sale process. So no worries.

Regarding the boarder issue: We never had any problems at any boarder. There is just one thing to know: It is not possible to cross the boarder at Arica (Chile) leaving Chile entering Peru as a foreigner with a chilen plate. But in the other direction, coming from Peru entering Chile, it‘s no problem at all. As well as it‘s no problem to cross the boarder to Bolivia either in San Pedro de Atacama or on the direct way to La Paz. 

If you have any further questions, please send me a WhatsApp. It is easier to stay in contact. Thomas +41 76 580 91 82

Saludos Thomas

P.s. We are a swiss couple, so if you are from Germany or Austria, we could switch the language ;)