SOLD: NISSAN X-Terra SE (4x4) 2002 - End Aug/Early Sept 2016 in Anchorage/Denali - USD 6'500.-

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#1 Thu, 07/28/2016 - 13:08

SOLD: NISSAN X-Terra SE (4x4) 2002 - End Aug/Early Sept 2016 in Anchorage/Denali - USD 6'500.-

After traveling from Nicaragua to Canada (finalizing in Alaska) we, a Dutch traveling couple, are selling our dependable NISSAN X-Terra SE (4x4) 2002 in Alaska (Anchorage or Denali area). 

The reason for sale is that we are going to fly to Peru to continue our trip to Patagonia.

The X-Terra is a Californian car with a clean title and has never seen a harsh winter and never suffered from salty roads. It has its normal usage-wear for a second hand car, but there is no rust and the mileage is mostly from highway miles. We always fueled it up (when available) with premium gas and we treated the car with care, so she is fresh and ready for a lot more miles to come!

Model: Nissan X-Terra SE, automatic (overdrive I/O), 4x4, 210-hp, 3.3-liter V-6 (regular gas)
- Full SE options
- Year: 2002
- Color: Blue
- Transmission: Automatic
- Length: 5.4 m
- Mileage: 157'000 at present

* 4 wheel drive (2 HD, 2 LD, 4 HD)
* Supercharged (turbo)
* Foldable backseats into a flat surface (you can sleep in it, see picture)
* Front bumper protection
* Roof racks
* Sunroof
* Hook-up at the back including electricity (Trailer hitch receiver)
* Spare wheel
* Airbags
* Alarm
* AC (fully functioning and maintained)

Maintenance (documentation is available):
- Done at mileage 137'000:
* Thorough check of the whole car
* New tires
* New break pads
* New suspensions
* New wipers
* New battery
* Timing belt(!)

- Done at mileage 140'000:
* Thorough check of the whole car
* Depth bolt replaced
* Oil change + filters replacement
* Alignment

- Done at mileage 145'000:
* Thorough check of the whole car
* Rear and front wheels exchanged
* Replacement of the entire roof tapestry
* Whole car totally cleaned inside (including carpets, seats, etc.)

-Done at milage 150'000:
* Thorough check of the whole car
* Oil change (hand picked quality oil) + filters replacement
* New suspension, all shock absorbers replaced (quality German brand)
* Wheel alignment
* New braking pads front and back
* AC Charge & Service

-Done at milage 155'000:
* New all-weather tires (good for 40'000 Miles)

For someone who is looking for a reliable 4x4 SUV, with all the big maintenance just done, ready for the next 100'000 km.

Asking price: USD 6'500

If you are interested we can discuss selling some of our camping gear as well.

Please contact me via email (vbakels *at* and I will get back to you as soon as possible. We can arrange other forms of contact afterwards.


Leone & Viktor

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 14:38

Driving through Mexico

Hi!  We are interested in the car.  We will be in Homer tomorrow for the month.  I was also wondering how the drive through Mexico was.  Did you feel safe?  

You can email me privately at [email protected]