Sold!!! Now for Sale!!! Nissan Terrano 3.0 1996 4x4

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Sold!!! Now for Sale!!! Nissan Terrano 3.0 1996 4x4

Hey guys!

I sadly have to sell my car "Kurt" because I`m coming to the end of my trip. I really hope to find some good people who like to have a awesome trip and take care of Kurt! You will definetely enjoy to travel so independently wherever you want!

About me and my trip:

I came in August 2016 to Chile to spend a whole year in this beautiful country. In December I bougth Kurt  and transformed it into a camper together with a friend who already had a lot of experience in building camper-vans. I´m really proud of the construction because it´s still working well and looking great! I had an awesome trip from Puerto Montt down south to Ushuaia on my own. Together with my brother We travelled to the north of Chile and parts of Bolivia. Also with another person it was enough space and comfortable. After that I went to Peru and I'm now back on the way to Santiago. The car was really reliable all the time and I was surprised about his force in some situations. Sadly I have to sell it because I have to go back home...

About Kurt:

Kurt is a Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano from the year 1996. It has a 3.0 motor and 4x4 which gets you out of the worst conditions. And if this is not enough you have got a winch! Together we went many kilometers, had great fun and we could see many things! It`s a classic manual transmission, runs on gasoline and takes about 10-12 l/100km or 8,3-10 km/l. At the moment it has about 205.000 km. It has a really convenient mechanic and because of the model which is often seen in southamerica you can easily find a place and parts to repair something. All the construction of the bed and table is out of plywood and the tops are barnished. The bed is about 1,85m x 1,40m with a mattress you can split into 3 parts to reach your stuff under the bed easy.

includings or equipment

-winch in front, 20l gasoline tank, 2x 20l water tank, window in the roof, 2 camping chairs, table(at the same time part of the bed), small 12V fridge (7 liter), radio with bluetooth and aux, storage boxes for your things, silver-foil you can put at the windows to make it darker, basic things for repairing, air compressor, safety equipment, ropes unter the roof for drying clothes, more things for camping

history of maintenance or repairing:

-oil and oil filter at 185.000 km  (I will do it befor selling again)

-clutch-kit (191.000 km)

-full stearing (194.000 km)

seal of the bend (194.000 km)

-all 4 antishocks (194.000 km)

-new breaks in front (194.000 km)

-starter and starter motor (195.000 km)

-oil and oil filter change (199.000)
-Radiator cleaning and new top (200.000)
-brake check and maintenance (202.000)
-revision tecnica until May 2018
-has all papers and insurance until March 2018
-brakes and tires are still in very good shape

Price: 4.000 Euro but negotiable

location: Around Santiago, but ask me if we can meet at other places if it's to far for you. Maybe I can handle to come to you.
Thank you for reading! if there are more questions or you are interested, please contact me!

Whatsapp or call: +56 958231916
Mail: [email protected]

Save travels!

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