Sold!!! Now in santiago!! #for sell# Toyota 4 runer for sell in Santiago.+ fully equipment gear10/3/17

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Sold!!! Now in santiago!! #for sell# Toyota 4 runer for sell in Santiago.+ fully equipment gear10/3/17

Toyota 4Runer 4WD for sale in  Santiago around  24/3/2017 + includes full equipment.

We are 2 friends  Dan & Omer (26 year old).
We currently travel with our amazing Toyota 4Runer 4WD since November 2016.

We plan to sell the car in the end of March  10-15/3 in Santiago,Chile.

The car is in very good condition both mechanical, internally and externally.

It is a 4 wheel drive aka 4x4 ,making it the ideal car to travel thought all kind of road and terrains in South America. 

It's fully equipped for any over lander adventure..

This has helped us save hundreds of $$$!

The car is suitable for solo trip, couples, travel buddies or even for a group of up to 5 people.

We built a  folding bed inside with a plenty of storage underneath. All equipment is included in the selling price.

The roof rack/ roof basket that hold a lots of equipment.

The car is registered in Chile and has all the necessary documents and insurance.

We can helps you get the necessary Ruth number, which is necessary when buying a car in Chile. As we already been through the experience of buying car in Santiago, we are able to make the process much easier and faster for you.

We enjoyed the car so much, and now "Herman" is ready for its next adventure.

Here are the details:

-Toyota 4Runer 4WD 2004
-206k k"m (128,002 miles) and we plan to finish our trip with 215k k"m (133,594 miles).
-Engine 4.0l v-6.
-Automatic gear ,4X4L 4X4H 2X4.
-4 speed auto w/of transmission.
-5200 RPM horsepower.
-ABS control.
-front A.C automatic.
-AM/FM stereo,seek scan radio.
-Fuel capacity 23 gal/87 liters.
-5 all terrain tires, 4 tires brand new (Brigstone).
-5 electric windows.
-Cruise control.

              Car accessories:
-Roof basket(500 kg)
-2 plastic gas can.
-20 L plastic water jug.
-Hydraulic 4 ton jack.
-Fire extinguisher.
-Ignition cable.
-Tool box with all the necessary tools.
-20 Meter rope.

-4 Rachet strip for hold all the equipment on the roof basket.
            Bed accessories
-Easy folded wooden bed double frame and mattress 193 cm ×130 CM.
-2 pillows.
-Bottom sheet and 1 top sheet.
-Curtains and thick windshield sunshade in front for complete privacy when sleeping.
-Very good double blanket.

          Gear  equipment
-2 camping chairs.
-3 small chairs.
-10 L shower.
-Mosquito net.
-6 big boxes for storing food, clothing and more.
-2 cooler /icebox.

Kitchen accessories
-1 cooking pot.

-Cutting board.
-Cutleries: forks,knives and tea spoons for 4 pepole.

-3 bowl  to save fresh food.
-Can opener.
-2 soap bowl.
-Folding grill (very good).
Road maps:
-Lots of amazing points on the "" app.

We really enjoyed the car in the past 6 weeks. We had no problems beside one puncher, and after that we bought 2 new wheels.

Price: $8200 or 7750 euro the price includes all the equipment.

If you have any questions please contact us by email or WhatApp.

All the best,
Dan & Omer.

[email protected]

+972549798006  - omer

Sun, 02/05/2017 - 11:02


Would you be interested in renting out the car from mid february to mid march?


Tue, 02/07/2017 - 10:54 (Reply to #2)


Om not gonna be in santiago at this time.
All the best!