SOLD //// OUR FULLY EQUIPED VAN - Hyundai H100 model - 10,000$ - Santiago region (Chile)

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SOLD //// OUR FULLY EQUIPED VAN - Hyundai H100 model - 10,000$ - Santiago region (Chile)


Dear travellers, 

After a 6-months ride through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, with our fully equiped Campervan named "El Loco", the time has sadly come for us to sell it. We are looking for great people to travel with him and enjoy the South American wonders.

When you buy "El Loco", you buy a strong fully-equiped van, ready to travel. No hidden costs except the initial investment :)

General information about "El Loco":

  • Chilean Plates
  • 1996 Hyundai H100 model, Gazoline
  • 245,000 km
  • MOT (technical inspection) freshly made - January 2018
  • International Insurance MAPFRE valid till 09/21/2018
  • Vehicle "driving licence" valid till March 2018

Look & style:

  • "El Loco" is very discrete and does not bring any attention on. Indeed, this car model is used everywhere in South America by workers, craftsmen and "colectivos" who like its strenght and reliability. Therefore, you can park and sleep everywhere without being bothered.
  • South American mecanics are also perfectly familiar with this car model and appreciate to work on it.
  • You will find spare parts everywhere in South America.
  • The Gazoline model is also very appreciated since the spare parts are much cheaper than the petrol ones.

Technical features:

  • Fuel consumption on the Panam: 9.5L/100km
  • Fuel consumption in the city: 11L/100km
  • Engine fully revised (the main parts are brand new) and ready for the 5 coming years: cylinder head has been machined in October 2017 and cylinder head gasket, pistons, cylinders tubes, segments changed in the process
  • Ignition coil, starter and sparks changed in March 2017
  • Car batery changed in July 2017
  • Wheels alignment checked in August 2017
  • Transmission and alternator belts changed at 213,500 km and OK until 260,000 km

Electricity inside "El Loco":

  • 2 solar panels (monocristal) of 150W, a digital regulator MPPT and a Convertor 12V/220W of 500W puro sinusoide bring electricity inside the van. They load an alternative long-life battery 100Ah Toyama which is always full. There is enough electricity in the van to load all your electronic products + an electric cooler + water pumping system + fan over the bed + 3 LED lights 
  • The alternative battery can be connected with the car battery (very useful in case your car battery is unloaded)
  • The water pumping system is connected to 2 water tanks of 20 liters each

Other fonctionalities inside "El Loco":

  • A table to eat when it is cold outside (4 people)
  • 2 big boxes to stock your clothes
  • A 2 people bed (30 seconds to install over the table) with a very confortable mattress. You DO sleep wonderfully well inside the van, far better than in an hostel, really!
  • 2 shelves to keep your small stuff

The cooking place:

  • At the rear of the vehicule, you will find the cooking place. A 2 oven gaz cooker. 
  • The cooking station does not take much place and is very user friendly (please look at the pictures for a better understanding).
  • The van comes with a full-range of cooking equipment. No extra equipment should be needed.

Other equipment:

  • International Garmin GPS (cards are free with WIFI)
  • Maps
  • Feather duvet
  • 2 pillows
  • 2 set of sheet
  • Foldable table for outside
  • 2 foldable outside chairs
  • 1 camping-gaz
  • 1 30L cooler
  • Argentinian 3L gaz with adaptator
  • Chilean 5L gaz with adaptator
  • 20L petrol tank
  • 20L solar shower
  • All mechanic tools you need
  • Radio with JBL speakers
  • Blender
  • All cooking tools
  • Fire extinguisher + all safety requirements
  • Wheel lock
  • Spade
  • Jack
  • Machete
  • ,...

Paper work

  • Adquiring a van is pretty easy in Chile.
  • We will help you during the whole process.
  • Adrian has just adquired his Chilean citizenship and will sponsor you for the RUT :)

We have also prepared for you a toolkit of the best practices based on our little experience and will be happy to share it with you.


If you have more questions / are interested / need picture / want to say Hi, please watsapp me here : 0033 630 82 92 86.

Travel safe.

Coco and Adrian