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Our journey is coming to an end and we are selling our VW T3 Westfalia High Top - joker Club - 1984 Subaru EJ engine 2.2 Chilena plate.

Travel ending date: end of january 2017

Location: North of Chile (or somewhere in Chile)

Price: 12,000 USD OBO

Vehicle description:
#Brand: Volkswagen
#Molde: T3 Westfalia (factory original)
#Roof type: High Top (high ceiling manufactures) fiber insulated with glass wool, very good thermal insulation
#type: Club joker
#Year: 1984
#wheels: 14 "
#Tyres: very high... i dont remember the cades.

Model details...

Engine Description:
#Brand: Subaru (boxer, horizontal pistons like the original, but Japanese)
#Model: EJ 2.2
#Displacement: 2200 cm3
#CV Power: 140HP
#Year 1996
#Gasoline Power: Originally was Injectors, but as the vehicle was prepared to travel we change the injection and put carburetor so any non-highly specialized mechanic can repair or tune during the trip.
#Consumption: 0msnm (at sea level) 10lt 100km to over 3.500 m (mountain) from 12 to 13 liters per 100km.
#Note: The original engine was changed because this one doubles its power. In the US the Subaru engine is the most chosen to change the original, because it gives a lot of power therefore very good performance.

#Original VW T3 with 4 more reverse gears.

#Forwards: Disc brakes
#Rear: Tape or bell

Description of Westaflia accessories (camper factory):
#Two beds approximately 1.9 x 1.2 meters, mattresses in very good condition.
#Dishwasher original water pump running.
#55lt water tank, sealed without filtrations
#Gray water tank 25lt, sealed without filtrations
#Two original working gas cooktops.
#Refrigerator / trivalent refrigerator (Gas, battery and 220volts) makes ice !!!
#Stationary heating, use gasoline directly from the gas tank to feed the caldera which is controlled by the user from inside the passenger compartment.
#Two tables, one front and one rear large.
#Front Swivel seats.
#External Tank gas (LPG, butane or propane) gas supplied to the refrigerator and braziers.
#Black box that automatically controls the loads of the two batteries, the car and the camper. #When it is running, the alternator charges both batteries when the engine is off the black box disconnects the vehicle battery automatically. When it is connected to the network of 220 volts black box charge both batteries.
Network Connection (220volts).
#Circuit Breaker and thermal protection.
#Level indicator light reserve water running
#Level indicator light secondary battery charging function
#Indicator light working network.

Accessories aggregates in the vehicle:
#Double electroventilador on demand. When you are in traffic or when you know you are a steep rise can turn on manually the double electroventilador in advance to the original vehicle electroventilador turns on.
#Water temperature gauge.
#Lights are looking for fingerprints or anti fog.
#Three extra tank of gasoline external plate 20 lts each. In total 60 lts of car and 60 extra total 120lts.
#Charging system type rear extra tanks scissors.
#LED lights several inside.
#2,2mts outdoor awning long by 2m wide Coleman brand
#Retractable step boarding the vehicle.
#Hook. Security system in each door and in the tanks, where locks are placed.
#5 padlocks

Not Working:
#Water Temperature Gauge on Dashboard. For this reason I add a new water temperature gauge.
Watch on Dashboard.
#One of the two lights that illuminate the clock, the right one.
#Stationary heating (we don´t know whether work or not. According to the previous owner just plug it to work, we didn´t try to connect it).

Maintenance and repairs:
#Tires – Purchased ABRIL2016 Chile. Replacement without rolling, never used.
#Distribution belt and tensioners new - ABRIL2016 CHILE
#Castrol oil change or Helix in 7000 or 5000 kms - 1st ABRIL2016 CHILE - CUSCO PERU 2ND JUNIO2016 - Santa Marta Colombia 3rth NOV2016
#New water pump - OCT2016 ECUADOR
#New clutch kit - ABRIL2016 Chile
#Brakes controlled and in very good condition - 1st ABRIL2016 CHILE - 2DA SEPTIEMBRE2016 - 3rth Santa Marta Colombia NOV2016.
#New speedometer - MAYO2016 CHILE
#Cleaning tank of gas - 1st ABRIL2016 CHILE - PERU 2ND JUNIO2016.
#Cleaning carburator - 1st ABRIL2016 CHILE - Santa Marta Colombia 2ND NOV2016.
#Other ajust in Santa Marta for back home.

New parts included in the sale of camper
#Electronic ignition module
Ignition coil
#Bearings and seals (front and rear)
#Oil pump (Original subaru)
#Handbrake cable
#Pivots of suspension
#Fuel filter BOSCH

Accessories for the vehicle included in the sale.
#1 Compressor for tires
#1 Fourth
#1 fire extinguisher
#1 Original Cricket Ground
#1 set of beacons

Repairs or changes that should be make
#Everything else ready to go traveling

Camping accessories included in the sale of the vehicle
#2 sleeping bags up to -10c
#4 chairs camping
#1 folding stool
#1 Chemical toilet
#1 set of dishes and pots par 6 people
#1 Kit of holders 6 person

Vehicle History:
We bought it in Osorno Chile to a marriage of older couple (75 years), he had a factory of automotive electricity. They had bought the vehicle in 2000 and had changed the engine by Subaru. They used to travel twice to Ushuaia (more than 3000km each trip), the rest of the year it used only 500 to 1000 km / year to go to annual campers meetup.

We bought the vehicle in Marzo2016, RUT transacted in the city of Osorno. It was not necessarily a Chilean person to sponsor us obtaining the RUT. Then we went to a notary to inscribe the purchase / sale of the vehicle. Three weeks later the new padron arrived by mail.

We begin the jurney on the 4 of April 2016. We live at 500km of Osorno, but on the Argentine side - Lago Puelo - Chubut - Patagonia - Argentina. We took a bus to Osorno, the camper had been kept a month in the house of the previous owners, and then we began the journey.

At the moment we are in Palomino Colombia. We retourn back to Chile end of january / midle febrary 2017.

If any one need to bay now we can sold in Colombia/Ecuador/Peru whit a "poder" for croos the borders ask me.

Fourther information send mail to [email protected]

whatsapp +549294464420

Fanpage of the travel www.facebook.com/pachamamanautas

Instagram Pachamamanautas

More photos https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7P2FZw309BOT2lERjQtNTBhbVU

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 16:10

The best part

تتصفح... jajaja

Tue, 12/13/2016 - 18:21

We are now in Ecuador go to down

We are in Ecuador go to down. We thinks arribe to Chile midle/end juanary 2017.

Fri, 12/30/2016 - 11:02

We are now in Peru go to down.

We are in Peru (Zorritos) now, go to down. We thinks arribe to Chile end juanary/first week febrary2017.

If you are interested contact me at [email protected]
Any questions get in touch
whatsapp +5492944604420
Instagram: pachamamanautas

Sun, 01/01/2017 - 21:35


Hi, we are arriving 28 Jan in Santiago for a 3 month travel in Chile and Argentina.  Your Westfalia sounds interesting, but i have a lot of questions.  Please write me at [email protected] to discuss.

Thank you, Tom