SOLD: Sprinter Motorhome with 600W solar panels, 6 persons

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SOLD: Sprinter Motorhome with 600W solar panels, 6 persons

We are a family of four traveling through the Americas, and soon our home has to change its owner.
We are selling our Overland Camper/RV with all the parts, equipment you need to go on an overland trip and live off the grid. The motorhome sleeps comfortably 2 adults and 2-4 kids.
This RV was significantly updated for the purpose of overlanding worldwide. Main upgrades are: 600W solar power with 2 MPPT solar charge controller, additional 12V battery bank totaling 330Ah, 2500W/110V AC converter, extended Diesel Tank, extended LP-Gas tank, improved drive terrain for rough roads, and improved locking system.
It is ideal for families, or people that love some extra space because it allows sleeping comfortably for 4 people.  Also it comes with all thinkable adapters for LP-Gas, Water etc. to make refilling possible throughout the Americas! It has plenty of solar power, additional LP-gas (Propane Gas) and Diesel Tanks. You can be off grid forever and need LP gas refilling only every few months!   
The sprinter is equipped with air-conditioning, and has a driver and passenger seat that swivel around. It is registered currently in the USA in state of Massachusetts. The house is equipped with a 3 burner stove, oven, microwave, waterfilter-system, freezer, fridge, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, separate shower and toilet, and large dinette.
I can assist in transferring title and registration to a new owner if required. Upon request, I can also assist in bringing back the Camper to the US / Europe etc. We are currently traveling from Uruguay to Santiago de Chile.
Get YOUR ADVENTURE started with this rig, you won't be disappointed!

Price: US$29000

More details:

For more information please email me at sehe at