Toyota 4Runner SR5 2001 - May ‘18 Santiago - Low KM!

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Toyota 4Runner SR5 2001 - May ‘18 Santiago - Low KM!

We are Joost and Marianne. A Dutch couple and we are travelling with a Chillean Toyota 4Runner for 6,5 months in Latin America. We finish our trip in the beginning of may ‘18 in Santiago, Chile. 

The car is in perfect condition, very clean inside-out, low kilometres, fully serviced (can provide all paperwork) with very good all-terrain tires and full-size spare wheel! Sleeping platform is built inside by the previous owners, but they kept the back seats so it can easily accommodate 5 people if needed. The previous owners build also a solar panel on the roof which is connected to spare battery – you can stay off-grid for many days! There is added kill-switch which cuts off fuel pump so it's impossible to start the car without a special key. Hidden compartment and a safe for your valuables, camping gear and a lot of extras.

About the car:
- Toyota 4Runner SR5 2001 3.4 V6, petrol;
- fully working 4x4, transfer box H2, H4, L4;
- it is a facelift model so diff lock was replaced with a traction control;
- automatic gearbox with an overdrive;
- 170.000-175.000 km estimated at the end of our trip
- factory tinted windows;
- Chilean plated (registered on our name), all paperwork up-to-date;
- proper BF Goodrich all-terrain tires + full-size spare tire;
- fuel consumption: 10-15 l / 100 km (depends on terrain and an altitude);
- gray metallic;
- leather interior (which is very easy to keep clean in a dusty environment);
- cruise control;
- electric moonroof;
- 5 seats (we've kept back seats);
- climate control, very good operation;
- radio CD player + FM transmitters which reads SD cards, USB and AUX;
- alarm;
- electric windows including the one on the back gate;
- electric mirrors;
- airbags (driver and passenger);
- 2 keys (1 spare) and 1 remote.

Rig mods:
- 100Watt SOLAR PANEL paired with 100Ah battery;
- 100 Ah battery works with 200Watt power inverter (cables are hidden underneath the carpets,   power box is underneath a passenger seat) – you can easily charge your laptops, tablets, camera  batteries, phones and everything you need;
- folding sleeping platform (upholstered), a lot of space underneath;
- platform doors turn into small tables;
- lights above tables;
- 2 power terminals for tire inflator(on the back of sleeping platform) – connected to spare battery, so you don't need to worry about draining car battery;
- one of the interior lights is red so you can keep it low key while wild camping;
- 4 spot lights mounted at the front of the car (one has a crack on the glass, but still working).
Anti-theft extras:
- fuel pump kill switch;
- hidden compartment with secure vault [safe] (PIN number + keys) for your valuables;
- anti-theft steering wheel bar with a key;
- alarm with a hidden switch.

Camping goodies:
- electric coolbox (for a cold beer in the desert)
- shower tent (see photos);
- solar shower;
- brand new 3 person tent, double layered;
- 1 ultralight self-inflating mattress;
- 1 air matress;
- 2 blankets;
- duvet;
- 2 camping chairs;
- stool;
- small table;
- brand new gas stove;
- plastic boxes ( 2 large, 4 medium, 3 small, 3 tiny);
- 4 plates, 2 bowls, small kettle, pan, pot, cutlery, 2 thermal cups, whisk, can opener);
- cutting boards;
- vacuum flask;
- fishing rod with accessories;
- picnic blanket.

Other extras:
- 2 tire inflators;
- tow rope;
- triangle;
- fire extinguisher;
- 2 high-vis jackets;
- first-aid kit;
- jump leads;
- 2 jerrycans (20, 25 l);
- saw;
- recovery spade;
- 2 window sun covers;
- basic tools + original Toyota tools;
- Toyota bottle jack;
- spare engine oil (1,5 l), we bought it just in case if the car was using oil but we never had to open it to top up!;
- pressure gauge.

The car has received full service.

Below is the list of what was done at 107653km:
- timing belt and water pump (next change need to be done at 240k!), Toyota has the 5VZ-FE engine which is a non-interference like no other 4x4 cars with a timing belt;
- antifreeze coolant (-20C);
- engine oil + filter;
- front and rear diff oil;
- sparkplugs;
- 2x tires;
- fuel filter;
- air filter;
- gearbox oil;
- belts for alternator and power steering pump;
- cleaned MAF sensor.
At around 117000km:
- oil + filter;
- air filter;
- front and rear drop link bushings.
At around 124000km:
- front brake pads;
- anti-roll-bar bushings.
At around 130.000km:
- oil + filter change
- 4x new BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres - 265-75-16.
At around 145000km
- oil and oil filter change
- new battery
- anti freeze coolant

We have kept all receipts for parts.
Why Toyota 4 Runner?
Because it is the car that you will find at every corner in South America! It also shares many parts with Land Cruiser and Hilux. Toyota is literally everywhere and it is the most popular brand so it's very easy to find parts or mechanic who knows them. The other thing is, it will take you where ever you want. Indestructible and reliable! Its amazing to sleep at perfect places in the car or tent and it will save you a lot of money. Its also a big advantage if you are not depending on public transport.

Price: Euro €7500
Where: Santiago de Chile
When: Beginning of may 2018
Other: new Revision Tecnica until end of november 2018!
Other: we can help you with the RUT and other paper work
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We dont have everyday acces to internet. So it may take 1-2 days before we reply.


E-mail: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +31652105193

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Copied AD

Hi guys,
could you please change this ad? It's just a copy-paste of ours. We haven't given you a permission to use our text.

And as far as I know all mods on this car were made by us, not you! So be honest.

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Sorry for that

Im sorry for that. I’ve changed that we mounted the mods not by ourselfs!