Toyota Hiace (High roof 2WD camper) (8900 USD) Perfect for 2 people.

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Toyota Hiace (High roof 2WD camper) (8900 USD) Perfect for 2 people.

We call him Lance, since he used to be an ambulance in Santiago many years ago.

He has been our home, van and trusted companion for the last year traveling around South America. Lance can become your home, and he is the perfect for traveling in South America. He has taken us across the Andes mountains countless times, kept us warm and dry in Patagonia, and we have enjoyed endless sunsets and sunrises together. With the high roof you have a complete home, where you can stand up while cooking or doing the dishes. The 155 Watts solar panel and a 100Ah battery keep the new electrical cooler (Coleman) and indoor lights running for 1-2 days without any driving. While standing in the kitchen, there’s still room around the big table to work on the laptop or have friends over. When you get tired the table converts into a queen size bed (155cm wide and 185cm long).
When would you planning on starting your adventure? We are selling Lance from late November 2018 (but we are flexible), so we can go home for Christmas in Denmark. Area: Viña del Mar/ Valparaiso area.
He is a 1999 Toyota HiAce with a 2.4 liter gasoline engine (2rz-e). He now has done 290.000 km and we expect to do about 3.000 more. He drives really good and we have not had any major problems on our 33.000 km adventure. Lance do about 9km/liter, and with a tank of 65 liters, this gives him a range of 585 km, and we haven’t needed to carry any extra fuel. The engine is amazing, and doesn’t use any oil at all. We have made frequent oil changes, but never had to top it off. While diving the 100Ah battery will be charged, so you have electricity on cloudy days. At 265000 km Lance got new break discs and pads, at 277000 km Lance got 4 new tires (the spare wheel is in good condition), and at 278000 km Lance got new gear oil and new differential oil (gear and differential oil only have to be changed every 50000 km). At the beginning of our trip we had some problems with the locks (they were worn), so we had all the locks renovated and fixed including new keys.

When the bed is made into a table there is access to storage under the 2 benches (6 storage boxes). One compartment can be locked. It is a simple lock but just to be one the safe side. There is tons of storage.

We will make sure, that all the paperwork is in order, when we hand over our van to you. Your name will be on the title, Declaration Jurade (to cross the border Chile-Argentina, we are from Denmark and have not have any problems), insurance etc. We have just renewed “revision technical”, for the next year (valid until October 2019), the mandatory road tax, “permission circular” and insurance, “seguro obligatorio” in Chile has also been payed (valid until 1st of April 2019). The most important thing before you buy a car in Chile is to get a RUT. We did it, at the local SIS office in Viña del Mar in 10-15 min.
The car will be delivered cleaned and with a fresh oil change.

After serving as an ambulance for many years, Lance was rebuilt to a campervan in January 2017, and we just repainted all the interior wood work. Lance is equipped with kitchen utensils (pots, pan, plates, plastic containers, cutlery etc.), a complete bed to keep you warm and comfortable during the nights (comes with new linens), tools and things for minor repair (we have a lot), snow/ice chains (last owner drove to Ushuaia in the middle of winter), there is a camping table, 2 chairs and an awesome grill for BBQ.
Electronics: a 12-220 (400watt) Volt inverter, a new Coleman 12 volt cooler, several 12 Volt outlets and 2 small USB/battery fans for when it gets too hot. What else...? 40 liters of water hooked up to a pressure regulated pump for doing dishes or taking an outdoor shower (we absolutely love this!).
Lance is equipped for new adventures, so what are you waiting for?

Outside measurements: height 242 cm, width 170 cm and 490 cm long
There is one tiny little ‘cosmetically / superficial' issue: You can see from the photo that the right bodywork has suffered quite a few bumps and scratches. Nothing is wrong with the van, and we have been living with the scratches without any problem the last year. It actually makes the van more “stealthy”.

Price: 8900 USD

If you have any questions, want more information/pictures or just what to buy – send Esben a private message, WhatApp +44 79 3778 9613 or e-mail: [email protected]

Ps: If you can use the bike it is also for sale: Bicycle (Trek 16” frame), helmet and rack is an additional 100 USD. We got it for Camilla (160cm high) but the saddle goes high enough that we can both use it. Esben is 182cm tall.



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