Travelin down south in January 2011

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#1 Sun, 07/18/2010 - 13:21

Travelin down south in January 2011


My name is Mook, I'm graduating from UNC Wilmington this December and I have a bunch of money saved up to travel. I speak Spanish and have a reliable car, so I want to make this trip, but definitely don't want to do it alone, more for safety reasons than anything. I will be traveling as far as Quito, Ecuador where I studied for a year, but I will probably continue on my trip after a couple of weeks of catching up with friends. I would like to be in Ecuador by April if possible, maybe that's a little ambitious I don't know, but I want to leave right after the New Year. I do not at all mind taking my time on the way down though if the tag-along would like to drag the experience out a little. Finally, I'm not sure if I'm going to drive back or fly back Stateside, or if I'm even going to come back immediately at all... I might just sell my car when I get down there and bum around for a while. If anybody wants to tag along and split gas, let me know!

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