Van 4x4 Mitsubishi Delica L400 Space Gear _ in Chile / Argentina / Peru _ December 2017 _ canadian registered _ US$ 7000 (negoti

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Van 4x4 Mitsubishi Delica L400 Space Gear _ in Chile / Argentina / Peru _ December 2017 _ canadian registered _ US$ 7000 (negoti

Hi all,

We are a French/Japanese couple currently making a loop between Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru in our Delica.

We bought the car last July in Chile from fellow travellers who came down from Canada.

We would like to sell the car at the end of December, anywhere between Chile, Argentina and Peru.


- Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear (also known as L400)

- Converted as fully-equipped camper with high bed frame for plenty of storage space under it.

- 2.8l Intercooler Turbo-Diesel engine

- Automatic Gearbox (4 gears + OverDrive)

- 4x4 manual select box (3 modes for different traction conditions)

- Consumption per 100km: 10l~12l on asphalte _ 15l on dirt road (the reasonable size of the engine is a good compromise between power and economic fuel consumption). As Diesel is mostly around 30% cheaper than gasoline, it is cheaper travelling around with it.

- Green

- 1997

- Left hand drive


- High clearance (probably the most important feature for a true overland trip, even more than 4x4)

- Reliable. The Delicas are known to be very reliable and if something has to be repaired it is easy to find parts for it, as they have the same parts as the Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero, which are very common in Central and South America.

- 4x4 with manual select mode to adapt traction conditions (sand, mud, etc). This features normal (High) 4x4, High 4x4 with differential lock, and Low 4x4 with differential lock.

- The car has a narrow body so you can drive and park easily everywhere in town. Also very useful on narrow off-road tracks.

- Diesel engine : economic fuel consumption makes it a difference on long-term travel budget.

- Bed : after a month travelling with just a mattress put on the folded rear seats, we decided taking off the seats and built up a bed that we designed ourselves mainly to gain storage space and comfort. We don't regret this little upgrade a second !

- Blends in local car crowd perfectly. The Delica is a common car for SA 2nd hand vehicles import market. As a result the local people does not perceive the car as an overlander’s camper, making it less likely to be a potential target for robberies or anti-chilean grudge.


- It lacks convenience of a less compact van (no high roof to stand inside, no inside kitchen).

- Diesel engine needs more care at low temperatures and over 4000m.

- Aircon doesn't work but could be fixed. Not really a con for us as it is chilly enough in the Andes so we spared the money.


Good compromise between a camper van and 4x4 for a reasonable price.


- Registered in B.C. Canada. Almost no paperwork for transfer. I am the owner (not on poder). Easy process as it would be a sale of a foreign vehicle between foreigners (no RUT or notary act needed).

- 200,000km by time of sale

- Left Hand drive (no issue for border crossing!)

- Windows are Black tinted except for front and driver’s side. Nobody can guess you're sleeping inside.

- 2 front seats only (as the bed replaced all back seats)

- roof rack + roof box

- fog light


Oil/filter changed every 5,000 km

188,000 km_

- New battery of 90ams. We found out it was more efficient than the original dual 60ams batteries for an engine that size.
- New fuel pomp + fuel filter
- Brake liquid replaced

190,000 km_

- Complete review of electric system
- Manual switch for glow plug installed to replace automatic glow plug for easier morning start in cold areas
- New glow plugs
- Turbo fixed

193,000 km_

- Radiator cleaning + cooling water change
- New back tyres (Bridgestone A/T tyres). Front tyres (also Bridgestone) are in very good condition.
- Direction realignment + wheel balance
- Rear axle casings replaced
- 4 brake pads replaced


- 400W Inverter (Cigarette plug, USB-port, 2 US-standard socket)
- Basic set of tools + some liquid products for the car (oil, turbo booster, radiator emergency leak sealing, etc)
- Big black roof box (it doesn't lock so we use tensers)
- Jack
- Fire Extinguisher
- 10l & 22l Diesel Container
- Small shovle (for your business in the wild)
- Camping table
- Doite burner gas stove
- Small Coleman cooler where we store meat and diaries
- 20l water tank
- 2 metal cups
- Pan and Pots
- Kitchen tools
- Small portable BBQ grill
- Boxes to store your stuff
- Fishing rod
- 4x3m tarp
- Matress+Pillows+3 Wool Blanket (one is for the engine during cold nights) +Bedding+Down blanket


USD 7,000 all equipment inclusive or equivalent in EUR/JPY (negotiable)


I am selling my Drone DJI phantom 2 + GoPro Hero 3 Black edition as it is a bit bulky to fly home with it.

The drone comes with a Zenmuse 3 axes gimbal, a FPV screen to control what the GoPro is filming, 2 batteries, the controller and a big black case to store everything.

As of today this option remains the cheapest and most versatile serious solution for drone videography as you can quickly unmount the GoPro for other use, instead of buying a drone with a built-in camera + a GoPro for your other videos (you spare the cost of camera).

Drone fully equipped + GP : USD 700 (negotiable)

Drone fully equipped only : USD 500 (negotiable)

If you are interested or you have any questions, contact us via mail at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +33645113313 in English, Français, Español or 日本語.

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