Van Mitsubishi L300 for sale, march 2018, 2.4L, 79800km, motorhome near Pichelemu / Valparaiso/ Santiago.

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#1 Thu, 03/01/2018 - 18:34

Van Mitsubishi L300 for sale, march 2018, 2.4L, 79800km, motorhome near Pichelemu / Valparaiso/ Santiago.

After a 2 years period of travel, exploration and work in chile and argentine, I sell my van Mitsubishi L300, motor 2.4L gazoline, 79800km, year 2013. Low gasoline consumption= low price for large distances… It is customized in a simple and efficient way by my care ( based on my experience of wood works  and my experience of living inside small spaces on sailing ship or inside vans, it is not my first one). Simple bed that can be converted as a double bed, storages, kitchen with camping gaz. Well equipped and ready to go. Important detail, I have done a 10mm thermal insulation on the back of wood walls for saving degrees of confort inside when its cold or warm outside.

At the mechanical level i had no problem, the engine is in good statment, It is a gasoline engine, (better for driving on the mountain side), and with the low miles you can be assured it will take you far.
I have made technical revisions, last certification in chile in October 2017.
Few words about me and this van, I am a French/Breton sailor, carpenter, writer, artist, surfer and this van was very adapted to my needs, thus excepting for sailing, this van is very adapted to all other of these tasks…;-) I would like to sell this van and leave chile during the month of march for continuing the travel by sea, I am quite sad to sell this van, but it’s time for me to leave south America for an undefined time.
This van has a good soul and is now searching for others travel companions, it can be as magic as you could be! ;-)
If you are interested, you need first a RUT number in Chile (if you are foreigner, you will need a Chilean person taking responsibility for you in Chile for any administrative request), I will consider only serious buyers, and it would be great to do all papers of this Sale in pichelemu or somewhere else than Santiago, much more easy and nice out of big cities. (English/Spanish/French speaking)


List of equipments on request.


6800 euros/8300$/5000000CLP

Best regards

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Wed, 03/07/2018 - 13:55

Hey Manu! Car still for sale?

Hey Manu! Car still for sale? I will be in Santiago in 2 days! Cheers,


Thu, 03/08/2018 - 18:12 (Reply to #2)

van L300

Hey franck

yes my van is still for sale, I am on the coast in pichilemu front of santiago, 3H of bus.

Some guys are interested, i have visits for the van end of the week. you are coming in chile and you want to go to the south?  Alone or two persons?  Then if you want to buy a vehicule, you will need a RUT number , are you informed about that, maybe you already have one o  have a plan for that? It's sort of "responsibility" of a chilean people who would accept to be your "tutor" front of chilean admnisitration, it will allow you to have a registration number, and in case of doubt or pb, they will contact your tutor to know if you are still on the territory... Thus let me know if you are interested and if you want to comme to pichelemu to have a look at the van, and i  will avise you what's going on with the potential buyers of this end of week.

In addition, where are you from franck? and what is your plan for this travel.?

I give you my email.

[email protected]

Have a nice travel and and welcome to chile!