VAN FOR SALE - 1985 VW Vanagon Full Westfalia Camper

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VAN FOR SALE - 1985 VW Vanagon Full Westfalia Camper

Our beloved VW Vanagon Westfalia will be up for grab end of July in Santiago, Chile (or Mendoza, Argentina). It will be 180,000 miles end of July (40,000 miles on rebuilt water cooled engine with upgraded 2.1L heads). Strong and healthy engine, does not use oil. It drives and shifts great!

Title: Clean US title
Year: 1985
Transmission: Manual
Cylinder: 4
Capacity: 2.1L water cooled engine
Fuel: Gas
Odometer: 180,000 miles (at the end of the trip in July)

This is the best van if you are looking for comfort and space but at the same time a rather small vehicle to move around narrow streets and tracks. Very capable on dirt roads with high clearance and strong motor! It fits 4 people to sleep but also to have dinner inside the van (very useful during cold nights or when there are lots of mosquitoes around!).

Comes with all the camping gear you need, tools and other equipment (please see details below).

Price: USD 15,000


- 4 seats with seatbelts
- 2 integrated/removable tables
- Sink with a 40L water tank (option to connect the sink to a hose as well)
- 2 burners with a 3.5 galons fixed gas tank (propane)
- Fridge (battery/electricity/propane)
- Poptop tent with 3 windows (with fly screens)
- 2 double beds
- Rotating front seats
- Spacious built-in storage
- 12V cigare lighter
- Radio/CD/MP3/AUX with pioneer 6X9 speakers in rear bench
- Deep cycle auxiliary battery
- DC/AC Power Inverter (120V/400W) with connectors to cigare lighter and battery
- Tinted windows
- Trunk mosquito net (ideal for hot nights!)


Camping gear:

- 20L solar shower
- Power extension (15 meters)
- 1 outdoor table (fits 4 people)
- 4 camping chairs
- 1 small outdoor lamp
- Kitchenware for 4 people (plates, forks, knifes, spoons, wine glasses, pans, tuperwares, salad bowl, mugs)
- 3 storage boxes
- Duvet (double)
- Blanket (double)
- 2 pillows


Tools, parts and other equipment:

- 2 tones Scissors Jack
- Jumper cables
- Monkey wrench
- Screwdrivers set
- Allen keys
- Hammer
- 1 rear shock
- 2 head lights
- 1 fuel pump
- 1 water pump for kitchen’s sink
- Bentley Vanagon repair manual
- Jerricane 20L


New parts/ work done in the last 12 months:

- Nee Airflow meter
- New fuel pump
- New fuel filter
- New brake master cylinder
- New radiator
- New clutch
- New alternator
- New rear shocks
- New bolt joints
- New CV joints
- New main battery
- New 3 window poptop canvas from Van Cafe
- New water pump from Go Westy
- Installed heat shields and push rod shields
- Engine resealed
- Refurbished distributor
- Refurbished starter

Job done earlier:

- New deep cycle auxiliary battery
- Powder-coated bumpers
- New Rhino-liner around both bumpers to prevent rust
- Newly painted front grills, hub caps and rear emblems
- Rebuilt engine with 2.1L cylinder heads upgrade (2010)
- Stainless cooling system upgraded (2011)
- Fuel tank re-sealed
- Very clean original upholstery with new black carpet in front
- Go westy rear floor mat

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Mon, 06/25/2018 - 21:33


Hi fellow traveler, we are interested in the van and would like to see some photos. Would you be able to provide a whatsapp number to contact you at where you can share photos of the van? Thank you. 

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 21:39 (Reply to #2)

whatsapp number

Hi, sure, our whatsapp number is +61 416 482 566.

Sun, 11/25/2018 - 15:56

is your van Still Available?

is your van Still Available?

Talk to you soon,