Van Toyota Hiace to sell -Chile – midle of March - 5.000 euros ANYWHERE FROM SANTIAGO TO PATAGONIA

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Van Toyota Hiace to sell -Chile – midle of March - 5.000 euros ANYWHERE FROM SANTIAGO TO PATAGONIA

Hi ! We are Rom and Zuzana and 4 kids, from Czech Republic, and we are finishing a  trip in Chile and Argentina with our lovely, strong and incredible van called "Donna". We are currently in Chile and plan to finish our trip in midle of March in Santiago or Punta Arenas. No problem to go to a mechanic togheter to check the van before to sell it if you want. And we already know the way to proceed to sell it in Chile, so we will help of course, and we can give you all our tips for your trip !

We can sell the car anywhere in Chile from Punta Arenas to Santiago. The price is  5 000 Euro.


We bought the van in Chile from one Belgium couple, we arange all trougth email and after three weaks of parking Dona in Santiago we  loucky find it a drive.

Here are the main data about the van :

• Toyota Hiace 2.4l from 1997 : a really common van in south america so easy to fix in mechanics, to find spare parts,...
• Gasoil (no diesel) : better for the power and when it's cold to get directly warm
• No 4X4 but the van is high : absolutly no need to have a 4X4 in south america (or just few roads but we could reach every single place we wanted), but it's important to have a high car. And thanks to that we had no problem to drive dirt roads, gravel roads, to cross river,... Donna, the van, is incredibly strong : steep roads, hot or cold weather, from the tropical forest to 4.800m hight roads in the mountain without problem !
• Currently : 280.000 km (maybe around 287.000 km at the end of the trip) : could easily make 100.000 km more, it's a strong and long-life van
• We have all the papers of the car : the "permisio de circulacion" and the "seguro responsabilidad civil" are OK until march 2018, we also have an international assurance for south america countries
• The inside : a king-size bed, with a longer part for the tall ones, you can switch the bed into a central table with benches. Under the bed you have several boxes to put clothes, food and what ever from the inside and a big box from the behind fro kitchen and all the staff you need for live. A seat (for 2 or 3 people) of the van which made the inside quiet confy. With this and the other benches, you can easaly stay with 6 peoples in the van...So cool when you meet travellers on the road or hitch-hikers ;)
• We slept and live in the car with all our family (2 adults and 4 kids) so during the time we made lots of small improvements, which makes the living comfortable – like hooks for things, shelves,boxes witch help to organize all the things you need for a big familly etc.
• It is posible to cook inside, the gas bomb is now placed on the roof. (Or you can find your own system.) The gas bomb is for 5 kilos, one lasts for at least two months. The cooking gas is very cheap in Chile.

• The very good thing in the van is the little library next to a wood table. a must have!!! So everything you need to get confy, to live and to enjoy inside in case of rain. One of the most positive point of the van is the space ! You have a really big space inside, we could eat with 6 friends without problem and all the windows who provides you light and room with spectaculares vues ... Makes you happy for strarting the day.. we have drapes to hide the windows during the night or during the day when you are in town.
• The outside : red painted with few bumps but some little stuffs. The good thing is that from  outside it dosn´t look like expensive car, attracting thiefs.
• The pilot cabin : 3 seats, quiet basic, but seats are confortables. No assistance to turn so sometimes hard for the arms, but the van has an impressive turn angle, so easy to park, to turn,...Help us lot's of time.
All electronic stuffs are working : lights, stop lights, cigarette lighter to charge devices, ... But no radio inside, bring your portable device ;-). There is a 22OV changer ( 150 W constantly, 300 W peaks) conected directly to the battery, easy for charging batery of you laptop – (one whole day working on laptop is no problem for the car batery)
• The tires are still really good, and the safety tire is a real tire so no problem to drive with if you have a flat tire
• The breaks work really good and the break patches are still OK
• We have all the safety equipment inside : to change tires, air pump, first aid kit, extinctor, red triangle,... and also reflectives bands for Peru
• On the roof you have 2 X 20l tank of gasoil, the emergency tire,  a solar shower and a tool-box (tools, spare parts, oil, ...). We also have cables in case of battery problem.
• Good thing for rainy days is a big shelter, up to 2x 3,5 m big (or smaller in case of wind or a lack of space) , whitch can be easily pick up on the front side. Makes the rainy days much more comfortable.
Equipment :

• Gas stove with 2 burning points, connected to a chilean gas bottle
• Several plastic boxes to put different stuffs
• Matresses and 3 pillows
• Everything to cook and to eat : pans, tupperwares, flatwares, plates, cups, can opener, wood spoons, peeler, big knifes,...
• Box with spices, olive oil, salt, pepper, sugar,...
• Bucket to wash the dishes and yourself, soap, sponge,...
• Bucket to wash the clothes, washing powder, several towels, ...
• A tent for 2, 2 camping matress, 2 camping chairs, camping pans and tools, a mosquito net
• A solar protection for the windshield
• A fish line
• first AID kit, extinctor, red triangle
• maps – Chile, Agrentina, Bolivia, info about national parks, plans of several town – with hand writen notes about places where to go, where are pinquins…
• A 8 x 5 liter water botles
• A frigo box
• A coffe-pot
• A table you can put inside and outside
• A charger to charge your device on the cigarette lighter
• A solar lamp and two indoor ligths (LED very powerfull, possilbe to fix anywhere you need(magnets))

• A child safety seat for up to 12 kg

As it is an old van, some little stuffs are not working well, but it's really minor things that didn't affect our trip :

• The water pump to wash the windshield doesn't work (hopefully you can wash it at every tank station in case of, or just had some water if too dirty, but we did it just few times during our travel, it is really not a problem)
• Because it is an old van, there is a kind a oil volatilization. It doesn't affect the van performances (we ask several times in different garage, they said it is really not a problem). The only consequence is that you have to add new oil each 3000 or 4000 kms. The good thing is that you always have new and good oil in the engine and no need to make oil change at mechanics because you do it by-yourself actually ;-)
• No inside lights (no problem for us, we have a solar lamp and head lights for the evening)
• The wind screen has cracks at the bottom part, it is consequence of driving on the dusty roads, very common thing in Latin America
• The motor is absolutely reliable, running very quietly, you only might be surprised by  the gear box - sometimes it goes hard from the third to the second gear.  We were worried about it when we bought the car, bud after some time I learned how to drive it without any problem.
• You need to close the trunk from the inside because the locker doesn't work from the outside (all the others lockers work good with the key). Actually you just have to take the habit, but it's more secure like that. No one can open it from the inside (even mecanic, already approuved ;)

So now you know everything about Donna, his history and our trip. We had amazing moments with, thanks to his high and power we could reach incredible places to sleep and to drive. It was our house, our friend and something really reassuring during our trip. And as it is an old van, quiet common here, no problem to leave it on the street or somewhere. We really enjoyed this adventure and we are so sad to leave Donna. But we hope to find other people to continue the adventure with her, because she loves that !

If any question feel free to ask, same if you want more pictures. We want to be fair and honnest because we know it's an important thing to buy a van for such a great project. Take your time to take your decision, it's important.

Rom and Zuzana ( Simon, Ronja, Rosarka and Rachel)

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp +420728551057

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 17:39

Hi guys?

Hi guys?
It looks lile one of the best inside systems i have seen so far. I am very interested. When will you be in punta arenas,aproximately? Could you show me the car? Let me know soon,please .
Saludos, gabriel