VOLKSWAGEN T4 - 1994 - around March 2020

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VOLKSWAGEN T4 - 1994 - around March 2020

* * *  FOR SALE  * * *

Volkswagen T4 - 1994
Around March 2020 - Chile/Argentina
Place and time of sell are flexible

€7.500 or best offer


Hi fellow travellers,
we are Bart (Dutch) and Mia (German / Bosnian) and after one year of travelling with our beautiful and cozy house, it’s time for us to go home and start paying taxes again. We want you, the new owner(s), to have the same exciting journey and explore the beautiful nature of this continent with this trustworthy car.
With our van we could enjoy the freedom we were looking for. Because of the good conversion, extensive equipment, and sufficient electricity we were able to sleep, cook and live wherever we wanted... in cities, on the beach, in the mountains or in the middle of the nature. In the cold mountains we felt warm because of several blankets. We could also sit comfortably together because of the 180 degrees turnable front seats. On hot beaches the two fans and ice-cold beers out of our fridge helped us to survive. We only went to campgrounds for company or when one of us was sick.

We speeded up on highways, drove along unpaved and wild roads on vulcanos, tried to reach the moon (highest altitude 5.000 meters above sea level) and all of this without any issues!
It's known that this motor can survive 600.000 km! So now it's halftime for this green devil.

The two previous owners in Germany and we treated the car really well with regular maintenance and using high quality oil, fuel and spare parts, which is definitely noticeable. Lately we visited a mechanic for a regular check and he confirmed other (European and South-American) mechanics who said the car is in excellent condition. No engine or other issues. Furthermore, we just renewed and repaired rusty parts under the doors, at the side door, gas cap and around the windows.
To be fair, the air conditioning is not working at the moment. A trustful mechanic in Peru told us it can be repaired for approximately 50 euros within a day (price without guarantee).

The campervan is fully equipped, so there is no need to buy new things. You will be able to be on the road immediately. We didn’t mention all the details in the text, so check the pictures to see what you will get with the car!


*VOLKSWAGEN T4 Multivan, Allstar

- 2.4 liter 5 cylinder Diesel motor
- 1994
- 325.000 km / 202.000 mi (at the moment)
- 78 horsepower / 57 kW
- 80 liter/21 gallon diesel tank with very economical fuel consumption (7,2 liters per 100 km in good conditions and around 9 liters per 100 km in  the mountains)
- Two wheel drive (and never felt that we needed more)
- German car papers (we will take care of the transfer of ownership with “poder”)
- Regular maintenance done, like changing oil and oil filter, diesel filter and air filter etc. Last time end of October 2019 (323.494 km)
- New starter and all glow plugs in June 2019
- New tires (a 5th used tire as spare tire under the car); new front brakes, back brake cylinders and brake fluid; and new back suspensions (with enough high clearance) in August 2019
- New vacuum pump and V-belt in October 2019

It comes with a box full of spare parts from Germany for the next regular service, change or just in case (like back brake pads, ball joints, diesel filter, oil filter, light bulbs and more...)



- 2 solar panels on the roof (you’ll never run out of energy)
- Second battery/power box of 400 Wh / 120.000 mAh with 4 USB ports / 12 V DC output / 230 V AC output / 3 car cigarette lighter sockets (able to charge everything, even to jump start the car with the extra jumper cables)
- Second battery/power box is chargeable by solar panels / 110 or 230V power socket / or while driving
- Fridge of 38 liters, energy efficient because of the compressor (we let it run 24/7). Even possible to freeze
- Bright LED lights in- and outside the car (and ambience light for romantic evenings)
- Two ventilators


- Fully equipped kitchen (see pictures) runs on a 5kg propane tank, sufficient for 2 months of almost daily use, with filling adapters
- Turnable comfortable front seats
- Car radio with FM/AM, CD, SD-card and USB input
- Electric windows
- Two foldable camping chairs, one foldable stool and a camping table
- Two spacious and deep drawers in the back (lockable)
- Lockable extra storage box on the roof (good for winter clothes / extra blankets / spare parts / tools)
- Two water jerry cans of each 20 liters (one for dishes/cooking and one for drinking water)
- Shower tube on the roof (equals an extra 20 liters water supply) which heats up by the sun
- Comfortable bed (1.40 meters wide) with two pillows, one additional pillow, summer blanket, winter blanket and fleece blanket and of course bed sheets
- Hidden safe, lockable on the car, big enough for all your valuables
- Mosquito nets at the side and back doors (cooking is possible without any bugs getting inside your sleeping/living room)
- Enough storage space under the bed and in the clothes cabinets next to the bed
- Tool box with all the tools you need
- Safety equipment required by law (first aid kit/warning triangle/reflective vest/fire extinguisher)
- Awning (not the most stable one though)
- Air sofa
- Barbecue
- Levelers
- Air compressor for tires (12V)
- And more... see pictures!!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or more information (in English, German, Dutch, Serbo-Croatian or basic Spanish)

Bart and Mia

E-mail: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +49 176 320 26678