WANTED: Camper Van (VW T2 or alike) in PERU/CHILE/BRAZIL in September

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WANTED: Camper Van (VW T2 or alike) in PERU/CHILE/BRAZIL in September

Fellow travellers -- We are a Belgian-German couple looking to buy a camper van in September in PERU, CHILE or BRAZIL. We would love to buy a Volkswagen Combi T2 (original old version or newly manufactured in Brazil) and therefore any offer for a decent VW Combi without breaking the bank would be greatly appreciated!

Equally welcome is of course any suggestion or insight where to find a T2, or another similar camper van, in the said countries. Feel free to reply in the forum or to shoot us directly an email to [email protected]

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I have a 2013 Chevrolet N300 Max Van. I bought it because it is economical, and there are a lot of them in South and Central America so parts are easy to find if necessary. I am using it to travel most of Chile. It is in excellent condition, drives beautifully and the fantastic engine has proven it is strong enough to go anywhere. I have not needed to purchase any parts for it. At the time I wrote this it had approximately 40,000 kilometers. It has a $45 toll device which allows you to drive around Santiago without paying tolls. The tires are very good. Though the manual says it holds only 46 liters I have learned that if it is filled to the top of the inlet it actually holds 55 liters. It gets very good kilometers per liter. It has an excellent CD player/radio, the heater is fantastic and I added nice seat covers. I installed the largest battery possible for extended camping. I installed Styrofoam in the rear side panels for sound and temperature control. I installed a sleeper with a very good foam mattress, storage below, stove, propane tank, hose and regulator, two poles at the roof on the inside, one across the rear window, one across the front seats where clothes can be hung or I hang a blanket or towels on them when sleeping so no one can see inside. I have all of the ownership documents and can show you how to buy it without all of the government BS most people say is required. I am asking $7,500 US cash.

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Hi there! That sounds very

Hi there! That sounds very interesting! Could you please send us some pictures? Feel free to send them to jorgwalter;[email protected] 

When would you plan to sell it? I guess you are still on the road and September would work for you? Let's at best discuss by email. Look forward to hearing from you!

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