Wanted! Relyable Car In Santiago from mid January!

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#1 Wed, 11/07/2018 - 14:10

Wanted! Relyable Car In Santiago from mid January!

Hey dear Roadtrippers! 

My girlfriend and I plan to travel  to Patagonia by mid of January! We also finish a movie project so we'll need a car. I'm happy for all suggests, help is really welcome! 

Thanks so far, 

best regards, 


Thu, 11/08/2018 - 05:33

Got the perfect car for you

Hi there, finisching a movieproyect, ... wow cool, well you are gonna need heaps of electricity on the road.

I got the perfect car, woth solapanels, 12 volt, 220 volt, huge deep sicle battery...

will send you the text following:

Hi there,
Selling my all beloved, “Overlander” 4x4 Mitsubishi L300 Diesel with Pop up roof, (recently custom renewed) and Motorhome interior installation.
The very practical and indestructible Car has international License Plates, so an Exchange of Ownership can be done several different ways as disgusted plenty in different forums.
If you are seriously interested, just give me a shout and we´ll sort something out.
Ok, let’s talk about technical features:
The engine has done 320´000km, and is beginning to show some kind of weakness.  That’s why I´m having it redone completely as we speak, so once this is done, beginning of December 2018 you could basically talk about a “zero km engine”
Born in 1993 as a 4x4 Post Auto for the Swiss Alps and then converted as the most reliable Overlander that has seen all continents and has been serviced always with the best intentions.
The interior has seen its best days already, but maintains all of its practicalities despite a couple of scratches.
The Pop Up Roof has recently been completely renewed, with the tent fabric refabricated by professionals. So Wind, Weather and Insects won´t find their ways inside.
There is running water, 3 water tanks, 2 flame gas stove, an emergency outside shower, a lot of storage room, heaps of 12 volt lightning and a small third person bed construction downstairs, for friends to stay over.
The motorhome has two separate power systems, 12volt and by converter 220V, which are maintained by two solar panels, and a giant 65KG 330Ah Deep sickle camping Battery. The whole system produces so much power that I connect half of my House with it, using laptop and external screen all day long with only solar power!
There is also a relatively old 12V /220V Engel Camping Fridge and lots of more details.  It´s simply a beast and it´ll get you anywhere, and by that I really mean anywhere!!
Also there are 2x 20ltrs extra Diesel tanks, so you will get almost 1000km without refueling.
The car has amazingly high 4x4 space between body and ground, there is heaps of replacements, a very fun air pressured Truck Horn and Snow Chains.
Favorite Exchange Date, from early December onwards, due to the fact that it is still at the mechanic with the engine being refitted.
The car can be seen in Chile Region del Maule, near Linares.
Point of exchange could be in a joined exit out of Chile, Paso International Vergara or Pehuenche. With certain guarantees provides, I´m also willing to travel further.
Now a word why I sell and why I’m taking the risk of refitting entirely the engine before that;
Since some time now, the engine lost some of its power and white smoke in cold start situation. A head gasket change, most probably poorly) did not change the fact. So after a long and sorrow search for a well experienced and reliable mechanic, I finally found one, well recommended and with guarantee. Having gone more than 80´000 km with this car, I´ve decided to fix it and make it new again. Only that I was recently granted a visa in Chile that makes it more difficult to keep crossing borders every 3 month. So I will have to sell it.
Therefore a good date could be beginning early December leaving Chile with it, doing the paperwork. Together, or after December, leaving from Argentina, doing the same thing.
Therefore my Asking price, considering the complete refitted engine (costs a fortune) and the solar system and new Pop Up Roof fabric is €10´000,-
But I will be willing to appreciate Early deciders that can give me sort of  guarantee, with a discount, when things are made easy for time and place of exchange!
If you are really interested, send me a Whatsapp or mail:
[email protected]

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 03:21

Toyota 4 Runner available January 10

Hi, our family is selling our 2009 Toyota Forerunner with rooftop tent and other camping supplies in January; it runs so well and does fine on all roads. 10,900 USD