Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

Guatemala-Borders and Driving

UPDATE (7 FEB 2014)

Don't let the recent history of Guatemala, including bloody civil wars and cruel dictators of the 1970s and 1980s, scare you off from visiting. The people of Guatemala are some of the friendliest you may find in Central America. Explore the archeological wonders in Northern Guatemala such as awe-inspiring Tikal, enjoy the friendly Garifuna culture on its small Caribbean coast, wander the gorgeous colonial streets of Antigua, observe the thriving Mayan culture in San Andres Xecul, or shop-till-you-drop in the huge market of Chichicastenango. You'll leave with great memories and start planning your next visit as soon as you get home.  Learn more about border crossings, roads, and driving. 

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Guatemala-Camping and Hotels

This article has information on hotels, parking, and camping in Guatemala.   Please contribute your experiences to help out your fellow roadtrippers! 

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Additional Guatemala Border Crossing Information

People's experiences vary depending on crowds at the border, corrupt or honest border officials, and rules can also change. For general information on borders and roads in Guatemala, read the Guatemala-Borders and Driving article.  Read about individual experiences at specific borders here. 

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