FOR SALE-Custom campervan 2014 Peugeot Boxer Diesel- USD27,000 Available now in Santiago Chile

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FOR SALE-Custom campervan 2014 Peugeot Boxer Diesel- USD27,000 Available now in Santiago Chile

Stand up height and includes toilet, shower, hot water, & solar! L2H2 van size. Small enough to fit in a regular parking space and more easily get around, but includes everything you need to be fully self contained on the road or in the wild. Rare in this size van to have stand up and all amenities.

93,000 km. Great economy - 9L/100k or 26mpg, huge 125L (33gallon) tank gives you a range of over 1200 km so never any fuel worries when deep in the wild. Includes everything needed: bedding, pillows, kitchen stuffs, etc. Chilean plated so easy for foreigners to buy and sell.

This van was a wonderful home for us driving all over South America for the past year and a half. We wanted a vehicle that was easier to drive around and not too big but still have all the amenities, providing a feeling of openness inside so we wouldn’t feel cramped. The interior was designed for this and has a large couch for lounging in the day but gives a lot of room to walk around the “kitchen” with a standup height of 188cm/6’2”. The couch faces towards the sliding side door so you can enjoy the amazing views you discover on your journeys (see some of the photos)

To give it a relaxing ambiance it has stained wood planks on the walls and ceiling, laminate wood flooring, copper string LED lights, and countertops made of thick planks of sustainable Rauli wood from Patagonia. It was fully insulated on the floors/walls/ceiling. Huge bed - the open concept and couch design allows for a very large bed: 150cm width x 220cm length (about queen bed width and california king bed length). This was perfect for the two of us and our chocolate labrador bed hog! The couch slides out in two sections to become the bed and each section can also slide out halfway to give you comfortable lounge seating but still allow access to kitchen and cupboards. All the features give you everything needed to be totally self sufficient and out and about exploring for weeks!

For those interested in all the nitty gritty details:
• Fully enclosed bathroom with shower, small sink, and a Nature’s Head composting toilet (no need to deal with a black water tank). If not familiar with the Nature’s Head, see this link which helped us decide on this type.
• 70 liter 12V fridge - König-Sonne BC-70. With freezer compartment for ice, etc.
• Three 155 watt solar panels, MPPT efficient charge controller, two 100 amp hour gel type deep cycle batteries.
Plenty of electricity to power fridge, lights, device charging even with cloudy days and not having to park in the sun! Includes 220v AC inverter with 750 watt continuous power (1500 watt peak).
• 60 liter water tank with 5 liter per minute water pump. On demand propane hot water heater (Mademsa Vitality 5), adjustable heating and shows the water temp so you can get that nice hot shower you prefer! Hose connection to easily fill tank from a faucet. Also included are three 20 liter water jugs that can be poured into the main tank or an easy way to get and use drinking water.
• Two burner Ursus Trotter propane stove. European made, quality household version with fine flame adjustment. 5kg propane tank with a second 5kg spare tank. Enough to last 3-5 months. Having 2 tanks makes it more convenient by only needing to swap out empty tanks or gives you more time to find a place to fill it.
• Kitchen sink with household grade hot and cold water faucet and built in dish rack basin. Bathroom also has small sink for hand washing. Sinks and shower drain to gray water tanks mounted under van.
• Fully stocked kitchen - see photo with everything laid out. Includes 2 ceramic pans, non-stick pot, mini non-stick pan, kettle, large and small plates, bowls, mugs, glasses. Also includes many types of knives, utensils, spatulas, bamboo cutting board, cheese grater, food storage containers, dish washing rack, dish towels.... everything needed! Large total counter space and the Rauli wood was stained and sealed with a homemade beeswax and olive oil mixture so totally safe for your food!
• Handheld 400 watt blender. Does a fantastic job making smoothies from all the delicious fruits you find on the road. Also has a chopper to quickly dice veggies! Ok, random, but you also get a mini 220v hair straightener!
• Lots of storage under bed, hinged top for easier access. Cabinets above counter provide lots of dry food storage. Space above driving cabin great spot for keeping clothes, includes 4 soft boxes to help organize gear and a clothes hamper. Additional storage space in cabinets under counter. And in the small cabinet with the propane tank we built a little 9 bottle wine rack....ummm, we did mention the van was built to allow you to be totally self-sufficient in the wild for an extended time, right??
• Built in 3 port USB power source to charge all of your devices. We used quality home fixtures throughout - lights and power switches, cabinet handles, etc.
• The couch/bed is made with 15cm thick cushions and has a large grey patterned quilt for a couch and bed cover. There are sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and pillow coverings to use as couch throw pillows. There is also a large thick fleece comforter to stay cozy warm on the very cold days.
• Complete privacy enclosure. Side window shades made from insulated sun shades to provide total blackout. Includes front sheet to stretch behind driver’s seat and gives a completely private camper cabin so you can be in your own world anywhere in the world.
• Good tires for all conditions - Firestone Destination A/T with 30000 km of use. Oil changed regularly and other maintenance.
• Also includes lots of other various items for life on the road: camp chairs, outdoor mat, awning and poles, 6 wood leveling blocks, 2 leveling bubble gauges- mounted inside to check your left/right and front/back level as you park, backup camera with screen mounted in rear view mirror postion, mini swamp cooler USB powered, 2 USB reading lights, USB fan and extension cord, high strength ratcheting tow strap, tire gripping track, steering wheel lock, large sun shade for front windshield, tool box with some basic tools, fly/mosquito/bug zapper, books, extra set of copper string lights, a small shag rug, 12V car vacuum....

....and lots more. We would totally love to answer any questions you may have or tell you more about our great van and life on the road. Please feel free to contact us if there’s anything you would like to know- thank you!

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