We are a UK based family planning a gap year travelling South America in 2020. We have a 1973 Range Rover classic converted to 6x4 that we are currently prepping for the adventure. 

United Kingdom
When did you start your travels?: 
Reason for taking this trip: 
We have spent our lives working in Europe and West Africa and have decided that it is time to take a break whilst we still have the energy to travel more. Our kids are in their late teens and thought it would be great for the 4 of us to travel South America before they enter the world of work, pensions and mortgages.
Why did you decide to drive?: 
We chose driving because this will give us the flexibility to go where we want, when we want.
Are you also taking along pets?: 
Are you also taking along children?: 
What type of car are you driving?: 
1973 Land Rover Range Rover Classic
Did you make any modifications to your car for this trip?: 
The vehicle was converted from a 4x4, 2 door Range Rover to a 6x4 crash rescue vehicle. About 20 years ago it was converted into an ambulance for use at rally car racing before coming into our ownership in 2014. It had a 3.9 litre V8 EFI engine fitted for extra power and the rest is in progress.
How did you save up or finance your trip?: 
We intend to use pensions and house rental income to und our travels.
How long do you plan on traveling?: 
12 months in South America and if all goes well we will then ship to australia to continue the adventure.
Where do you plan on driving? : 
from Argentina south across into Chile and then North to Columbia.
What were your family’s and friends’ reactions when you told them about your trip before you left?: 
They think we are crazy but our plan ws not unexpected.
What languages do you speak? Will you learn more on your trip?: 
Between us we speak English, German, Spanish and a little French.
Do you have a favorite place that you've visited?: 
Namibia, South Africa.
What was the weirdest thing you experienced on your trip?: 
Couldn't say yet.
Do you have any advice for others who may be considering driving the Americas?: 
we will let you know once the adventure has begun.