Will & Cate Brubaker

We will be starting our trip from Salt Lake City, UT and traveling generally south to Ushuaia, Argentina. We plan on a minimum of 2 years. 

Hilo, HI
When did you start your travels?: 
Reason for taking this trip: 
We've been roaming the earth together for the past 6 years (and separately before that). To be frank, we've become a bit bored and looking to mix things up a bit.
Why did you decide to drive?: 
To take things slower than we had been in the past. Even though we don't feel very culturally connected to our home country (USA) we are definitely Americans and appreciate and yearn for the freedom to move at our pace and on our schedule.
Are you also taking along pets?: 
Are you also taking along children?: 
What type of car are you driving?: 
Moby is a 2004 Ford F150 with a Northstar TC650 pop-up camper.
Did you make any modifications to your car for this trip?: 
There are a few security features that have been added (and more that will be added) - I'm not keen to get in to the details. The truck & camper were purchased from a couple who had recently completed a similar trip so it's quite well outfitted. I will be adding some sort of wifi/mobile signal boosting equipment but other than that, not really.
How did you save up or finance your trip?: 
Living and working overseas has allowed us a bit of lifestyle arbitrage so there was savings available for the initial purchase of the vehicle/camper. We both work online and will be working during the entirety of the trip. Will has a full time job and Cate currently does freelance work that doesn't require a physical presence in any particular location. In short, we'll be covering our travel expenses with the income that we earn.
How long do you plan on traveling?: 
Minimum of 2 years and could easily be longer than that.
Where do you plan on driving? : 
South until we can't any more then...who knows.
What were your family’s and friends’ reactions when you told them about your trip before you left?: 
Our families and friends are quite accustomed to us doing unconventional things (many of them are unconventional as well) so this came as no surprise to any of them and they are all very supportive.
What languages do you speak? Will you learn more on your trip?: 
None effectively. We speak enough Spanish to survive but are by no means conversational. I reckon we'll pick up bits and pieces along the way which has worked out well enough so far.
Do you have a favorite place that you've visited?: 
The list is too long but we do have experience in Central & South America. Mexico city is fab and we intend on spending a fair bit of time there. Granada, Nicaragua for no other reason than to have dinner at the Ciudad Lounge. We have friends in Boquete, Panama so we will definitely be spending some time there. Lots & lots of places in Peru that we will re-visit, etc.
Do you have any advice for others who may be considering driving the Americas?: 
I guess I'll recycle the advice I keep getting: Don't over plan!