Border Crossing Information

Entry Requirements

Necessary documents

  • Passport
  • Vehicle Title


3,300 Chilean peso 'peaje' or toll once all of your paperwork is processed. There is a money exchange at the border, as you have to pay in pesos. At the Date(October15,2009) a litre of Gas is U$1, so that's like U$3.7 per gallon.


Fill out the 'tarjeta unica migratoria' you receive from migraciones. They will process this card and your passport, stamp your passport with the entry date, and give you a copy of the tarjeta to keep with your passport. Then proceed to the 'auto' window, where you can fill out your 'titulo de importacion temporal' or temporary vehicle import permit. If you plan to cross multiple times between Argentina and Chile, unfortunately it seems like you have to go through this process each time. They will enter this information into their system, give you your car import papers which you need to take to the Policia Internacional to get the paperwork stamped. Then proceed to the SAG where you will need to fill out paperwork declaring what you are bringing in to Chile. With this paperwork they will give your car a very thorough inspection, as Chile has strict laws about importing foods. If you have anything that looks like a seed (popcorn, herbs, spices) make sure to declare them. Do NOT bring any fresh fruits, vegetables, or meats in to Chile. Once the inspection is complete, pay the 3,300 'peaje' or toll, and keep the receipt. When leaving the inspection site, you will need to surrender your peaje receipt as well as a copy of the vehicle import permit.

Exit Requirements

Necessary documents

  • Passport
  • Chilean tourist card (filled out when entered country)


No costs


Straighforward. First go throught migracion line where they will check your passport and tourist card. They should stamp both your passport and tourist card, and hand you one of the stamped copies of the tourist card. You'll need this when you enter Argentina. Proceed to the aduana line where they will take your car import paper, stamp it, and keep it.

Individual Experiences

Was your experience at the border different or extraordinary in some way? Contribute your information in this article or contact us so we can add your information.

Roads and Driving

Driving in Chile is like driving in the US or Europe. Large freeways with fast speed limits, tolls, etc. People from Chile have warned us to NOT TRY TO BRIBE THE POLICE. You will get in lots of trouble.

Gas Prices

Prices are in chilean peso/liter

  • 93 octane:593
  • 95 octane:612
  • 97 octane:632
  • Diesel:454

--Updated September, 2009

Camping and Hotels


If you are going to visit wine country outside of Santiago Chile, this is a great camping spot with wonderful friendly owners. Parque Aleman has a pool (during the high season), lots of shady campsites, parillas for grilling and great people. If you drive past the Concha y Toro vineyards, take a left when you get to the statue of the virgin. The road goes through beautiful country, and bear left at the fork in the road. You'll need to take a left on to a smaller street to get to the Parque Aleman (which is signed well once you get there). Ask for directions from any of the small stores or picnic areas. It's a 10-15 minute drive from Concha y Toro. The address is paradero 12 camino CONAF which probably isn't that helpful for finding it.


Surfs up so hit the ocean. Camping Pequeño Bosque has 9 lovely sites with picnic tables, wifi with a strong fast connection, nice kitchen area (only for washing dishes), hot water showers, parking, lots of trees for shade and privacy. 8000 Chilean pesos for 3 people, 2500 for each additional person. The owners are lovely as well.

Wed, 01/02/2013 - 13:51


Camping Casas del Valle is a quirky place.  Price 5000 pp is a bit expensive but not far from the new supermall and grocery store.  The garden is full of antiquities, the pool is refreshing (expecially after a 2 day overlanding from Uyuni, Bolivia) in the desert environment.  Internet, shower (hot) and toilets.  The owner is a nice guy. S22*27,623 W68,54,995

Wed, 01/30/2013 - 11:56

PROPANE american valve OSORNO

It was a challenging exercise as we had been searching for gas since Concepcion.  All three companies - Gasco, Abastable and Lipigas refused along the way.  Lipigas Osorno (located S40*34,589 W73*05,908) was the only company that seemed possible to connect our bottle...but our bottle but it was 'out of date' so they refused too.  We found a little mom n pop operation that filled our bottle quickly and happily.

S40*35,641 W73*05,997

Its a little wooden house with a tiny  green propane bottle hung from the rafters on the left side of the road about 100m past the stoplights.

Sun, 03/03/2013 - 13:59


This service station often has free WIFI, cheap showers as well as bivouacking spaces.  There is one just about ever 120 km along highway 5.  There is a COPEC guide which lists all the services each location offers.  Great deal.  COPEC showers are harder to find south of Puerto Montt...

Sun, 03/03/2013 - 14:14

...the BIG secret

Chile is not could go so far as say downright expensive.  COPEC showers only save you so much...

The National Parks are even worse, with foreigner prices three and sometimes four times the rate of local entry.  This is both excessive and rather uncalled for in such  a developed economy (we are NOT in Bolivia for example).

Turns out that the NATIONAL PARKS have an ANNUAL PASS that gets you into all the NPs for free; exceptions being Easter Island, Las Flamingos and Torres del Paine.

The annual pass costs 10 000 per person or 30 000 per family.  All the park service staff know about this deal but they never offer it to foreigners.  YOU can get it, no problem - except you might have to remind the staff of the presence of this card since they are taught to 'forget'.


Furthermore, IF you should dare to go this way you may ENTER parks after 20hrs free as the boys quit for the day.  So, for example, you might enter PN Los Glaciers to visit the Perito Moreno glacier after 20hrs and migrate to the farthest point at the restaurant and walkways to the glaciers and spend the night boondocking.  Check out the sunset and in the am the sunrise.  If you ASK you will be rejected, dont ask.  If you GO no one will police the parking after 22hrs (you have the right to stay  until 22hrs...)

If you push your karma further, if the guys tell you to bugg-out you can simply say you have been drinking and cannot drive.  This is an 'acceptable' excuse and they leave you be.  Though this seems a bit too much for me...(unless true).

The same could be done in PN Torres del Paine.  There are more guardaparques here so this might be more risky.  But it does work.  BTW there is free open wifi at the Hotel Grey and (boondocking in the parking )in the southend of the park.

BTW if you wish to hike in PN Torres del Paine you not only pay 40USD entry fee (4x local entry) but you will be charged 6000-8000 for camping in designated campsites along the hiking trails... thus two people will pay 67 000 (includes return boat and bus transportation) to hike 4 days along the W-trail.  Be alerted  Friggin rip-off.  We enjoyed El Chelton (free) for better scenery.

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 16:11


i am driving there solo some one want a ride let me know 

At [email protected]

Wed, 07/12/2017 - 10:56

For Sale: Subaru Forester 4WD Mobile home

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- tecnical revision valid until June 2018
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- comes with manutention book
- 2 new front tires and 1 new spare tire

What's included:
- a bed frame made in robust wood on spec.
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- 1 cabine fixed on top of car to store your belonging.
Comes with chain and locker to secure from robery.
- 1 camping table + 2 chairs.
- 1 grill for your future barbecues.
- 1 saw to cut wood or other.
- 1 3meters tarp with ropes to set up roof when camping.
- 1 cooler made on the dimensions of the bed frame to maximize space.
- cooking ustensiles and cooking stove.
- a set of bins to organize efficiently your belongings.
- 1 10Liters jerry can for gasoline reserve
- reserve of coolant oil, breaks oil, engine oil etc.


I can help you through the paperwork process for the car passation. Process simple and fast.

I also speak French and Spanish.