Ecuador-Border Crossing

Detailed information about border crossings are included in this article.  General guidelines for borders, including necessary documents and procedure, are described, as well as detailed inidividual experiences at specific borders. 

Border Crossing Information

Entry Requirements

Necessary documents

  • Passport (1 copy)
  • Vehicle title (1 copy)
  • Registration (1 copy) - may also be requested
  • International Drivers License - a copy may also be requested
  • Vehicle Insurance - The official here told us that only nationals needed the Ecuadorian vehicle insurance SOAT, we were not asked for it at police checks.


Go first to migracion and fill out the Andean Immigration card. Make sure to hold on to the half of the card they give back to you - you'll need it to leave the country. Once you've processed the entry paperwork and the officials have scanned your passport, head to Aduana to process the temporary vehicle import paperwork. The official will make sure the paperwork matches the car, and then you're set to go. Painless and efficient.

Exit Requirements

Necessary documents

  • Vehicle Import permit
  • Tarjeta andina (received when you entered Ecuador)


After getting your Ecuadorian exit stamp in your passport and surrendering your tarjeta andina head to customs to surrender the original import permit. Nothing more is required.

Individual Experiences

People's experiences at the borders can vary depending on location, offficials, and rules can also change.  Please contribute if you have a different border crossing experience to share with the roadtripper community. 

Entering Ecuador

Ruimchaca, Ipiales/Tulcan - August 3, 2012

Easy border crossing, especially compared to those in Central America. Try to cross early or on a weekend, we got stuck in a huge immigration line to enter Ecuador and waited more than two hours for a stamp. We had to wait in  the immigration line before Aduana would agree to issue a vehicle permit. We were asked to fill out the immigration card, but were only given the top half. When we left the country without the bottom half they didn't seem to care. Aduana was easy, they needed a title, drivers passport and copies of each and then issued a permit and send us on our way. We did not buy insurance and we were never asked for it at vehicle check points. More detail on this full crossing on our website.


The border is open 7 days a week from 0600 - 2100. After clearing Colombian immigration and canceling your car permit cross the border and park on the right hand side of the road, there may be military directing traffic, be courteous – they can be helpful. Get your passport stamped by Ecuadorian immigration and then exit the building to your left, you will find the small vehicle importation office almost at the end of the building on your left hand side. The official will ask for your documents and check your VIN number. Once your VIN number has been verified you will be given your stamped and dated import permit. There is no charge for importing your vehicle into Ecuador.
--Posted by Tom

Exiting Ecuador

Aguas Verdes, August 23, 2012

The new border area is now OPEN! When coming close to Huaquillas take the signed exits to the left. Note that at the time we crossed Aduana was in a big white building about 5 km from the actual border. You have to stop here and turn in your vehicle permit. Eventually this will be changed and everything will happen at the nice new buildings. Carry on ahead past a set of blue and white buildings on your left, to a second set of building on your right. (The first set is for people leaving Peru and the second set is for those entering). At this set of building you will find Ecuador immigration to stamp you out, but also will be Peru immigration and aduana. It's a super nice crossing, no money changers, no touts. Our full experience in excruciating detail is here:


Aguas Verdes, June 19, 2009

Make sure you don't miss the border entirely and accidentally drive into Peru. We managed to do it. If you follow the giant road signs that say 'Frontera' they will guide you down a brand new highway past a customs building that is still under construction. Don't follow the signs! Instead, head in to Huaquillas. You will have to pay a municipal $0.25 'toll' to enter the town. Right after the tolls on the opposite side of the road is a small aduana building. If you pull a U-turn to park in front of the aduana, you will then be forced to drive through the toll both a second time and they will insist you pay again. At the aduana, you will need to surrender your Tarjeta Andina that you received when you entered Ecuador, have you passport stamped, and then head through the crazy market that takes over the streets in Huaquillas. One other word of advice: do not pay anyone anything if they are not wearing a uniform. We stopped at something we thought might be the border office and some guy waved semi-official looking tickets at us saying we needed to pay $5 to cross the border. We refused to give him money, and asked a uniformed official nearby if we should pay anything. He said no, never give anyone money if they aren't wearing a uniform, but didn't seem too concerned when we told him that someone was outside his office trying to collect money. I guess that's just the way it works.

-- Posted by Kristin

Huaquillas Ecuador, June 3, 2009 

We exited Ecuador at the Huaquillas / Aguas Verdes border crossing. We paid the dollar 'entrance fee' to get into the border town and parked on the right hand shoulder of the one way road just after the toll. Then we crossed the road on foot to avoid being charged twice to get to Ecuadorian immigration. We got our exit stamps in short order and then returned to the car to drive to the Aduana offices located about 4km further on the left hand side of the road just before the border bridge over the Rio Zarumilla. All that was required here apart from navigating the small one block detour around the market and finding the customs office was for us to surrender the original import document, no stamps, checks or paperwork - very simple.
--Posted by Tom

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 11:32

Ecuador Adouane no longer

Ecuador Adouane no longer give you half an Andean card to keep until you exit the country.  You fill out the form, they stamp your passport.   Also the copies they require of documents are now to be in colour, not B&W. Available round the corner, clearly sign posted.