El Salvador Camping and Hotels

Information on where to stay in El Salvador.

Western El Salvador

La Palma

Hotel La Palma has a gated parking area, a decent restaurant, and clean bright rooms for $25/night. If you're heading from south through La Palma, the hotel is on the left at the outskirts of town. 335 9012.

El Impossible National Park (near Guatemala border, off CA2).
US$6 per person entry plus $2 per vehicle to park/camp.  Entrance road is on east side of the highway, just before bridge over Rio Aguachapio (about km from the border. It is about 13 km to the entrance station on a fairly rough dirt road. Very nice trails and views.

Eastern El Salvador

We don't have any info for Eastern El Salvador, we would love you to add a comment or edit this page to add a hotel or campground!


Portezuelo Park: Excellent camping spot 6km north of Juayua. $5 peson/night. Has water, cold showers, a restaurant but you have to order in advance. Huge awesome fire rings, and all the wood you could ever need cheerfully delivered every night. Also offers some canopy, coffee farm, and horseback tours. Limited info on there site here. Some more photos on our campground listing here.

Pacific Coast

Playa El Palmarcito Located at KM 50 on the Pacific highway, Hotel El Palmarcito is your best option for where to stay at what is by far the most tranquil beach in the area outside of La Libertad... The hotel has a relaxing pool, hammocks, and locked secure parking, making it an excellent choice for car campers. This is the only hotel we know of that can fit a 24 foot motorhome inside it's secure parking area. Rooms are agreeable and priced at 10 dollars per person. Both Ivan the owner and his son Ernie speak excellent English (and of course Spanish), and can give economical tours both in the area and to the Volcanos further inland. Locals on the beach sell fresh oysters almost every day. Ask for Ivan: 7618-2676 or 7576-5188.

Playa El Tunco Hostal La Manch is a associated with Roca Sunzal, the hotel across the street. Roca Sunzal has a reasonable beachfront restaurant and a great pool. If you stay there, all food at the restaurant is 10% off, and for longer stays they may give you a break on the room rate. The hostel costs around $15/night for nice simple rooms, with a shared kitchen and cold-water bathroom, and you can us the hotel's pool. Rooms at the hotel start at $40/night. Drive toward the beach and it's right by Erica's restaurant. They have secure, gated parking at the hotel. 2389-6126

Playa El Sunzal Surfers Inn has camping for $5/person/night or rooms for $10-$12/night. There is a nice shared kitchen, and if you want to pay a little more, you can get a private bathroom.

El Hostal / Sunzal Point Surf Lodge - Same place, has two names. Camping for $4/person/night. Has cold showers, water, free wifi and a pretty nice kitchen with a fridge. Lots of space, good for tent campers. A few photos of our camp and the beach and some more details here.

Cerro Verde National Park (near Sonsonate) $10 per vehicle. Access is off road that runs between Large, flat parking area with 24hr access to toilets and lovely views. Can be busy with day trippers but quiet overnight and secure.

Near Metapan

Parque Aquatico Apuzunga. Turnoff is near KM 101 marker, just over 11 km south of Metapan (measured from traffic light at Texaco station on south side of town). Turning is on the east side of the road and is well-signed; entry road is 3 km (take right fork at 2.3 km). Owner Raul Sanabria speaks some English. This is a nice water park around a natural spring on a big river. Toilets and outdoor showers. There had been heavy rains when we were there and the water was a
bit murky, so Raul didn’t charge us anything. A report from other campers said they paid $25 for two rigs (6 people).

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Lago Coatepeque

Taking advice from our new friend at the ES Landrover Club, there is a cheap camping at the Lake.  This lake is famous for being surrounded by private houses with NO access to the water for boondockers.

There is a Co operative located about halfway around the lake.  Entry per person $1, vehicle $1 and we paid another $1 to stay overnight.  Toilets and Washbasins with running water.  Flat shady parking with lake access and nearby covered picknick tables.  Fishing is free. (no luck for me tho!)

Access: decending the crater towards the lake the paved road ends at the perimeter gravel road.  At the junction of the paved and gravel road, turn RIGHT and follow the lake road to the north end of the lake.  You will see the panel of prices and the guard shack (where ALL other houses are simply huge blank walls) on the lakeside.

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