Scott, Angela, Tammy and Bernard



Names and ages:  Angela & Scott Woodhams (, Tammy and  Bernard Barbour (

Hometown: Placencia, Belize/ Augusta Georgia

Started: 10 July 2012 - returned October 2012, April 2014 - Nov 2014 ( July 2018 we will start from Placencia Belize all the way down to Argentina )

Reason: Expedition, touring, volunteering

We are driving because it gives you the freedom to go anywhere off the beaten path and get away from the tourist traps.

Vehicles: Ford F  250 Earth Roamer/ Toyota Tundra

Modifications: To many to list, see our site for details

Savings: We are property managers and own rental property.

Time: We plan on traveling for four months. (18 months starting in 2018) 

Route: We are driving down the pacific coast starting in  Mexico and then all through Central and South America to Argentina

Family and friends' thoughts: " Are you all crazy", but we love you and support you all.

Spanish: We plan on staying in Guatemala for a Spanish immersion class for about 3 weeks.

Advice: Yes, we have great advice! Do all the research you want, but you don't know what you're made of until you get out there.

Other trips: Yes, for 2013 we are planning an expedition to drive back through Mexico and staying in Sayulita Mexico for a month to 6 weeks. In 2018 we will travel for 18 months all the way to Argentina

Website: our blog site is: