Uruguay-General Information

Border Crossing Information

Entry Requirements

Necessary documents

  • Title
  • Vehicle registration
  • Drivers license
  • Stamped passport


There is no charge to temporarily import your vehicle into Uruguay.


Get your passport stamped at immigration then head to aduana to show the agent your documents, you can ask for up to 1 year.
The process in Uruguay is very straightforward - no photocopies are needed. They do not ask to see your vehicle.

Exit Requirements

Necessary documents

No documents are needed.


There is no charge to leave Uruguay with your vehicle.


All you have to do to cancel your temporary car permit in Uruguay is to hand it in to aduana at the border. They do not ask to see your vehicle.

Individual Experiences

We crossed from Santana do Livramento, Brazil to Rivera, Uruguay. Aduana is closed on Sundays so we had to spend an extra night in the town before we could get our car papers for Uruguay. Generally a simple crossing though we did have to run around and locate the Policia Federal in Santana do Livramento so we could get our passports stamped and hand in our car documents.

An easy way to get to Uruguay is to take the ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia. The ferry takes cars, trucks and motorcycles. Cost for one person and motorcycle was about 400 Argentine pesos or 100 US dollars. Uruguayan immigration is handled on the Argentina side, Uruguay aduana is on the Uruguay side, a smooth painless border crossing, line ups are limited to the number of vehicles on the ferry, usually not very many. (I was told in BA that the nearest land crossing was 600 km from BA because a bridge was closed (05/10))

Roads and Driving

Generally the road conditions are pretty good in Uruguay, drivers are friendly and stick to the speed limits. There are only a few toll roads, these are between 10 - 50 pesos (USD $0.50 - $2.50).

Gas Prices

Gas prices in Uruguay are fairly expensive - expect to pay around 29 pesos/liter (USD $1.30) for super - 95% octane and 31 pesos/liter (USD $1.45) for premium - 97% octane

Camping and Hotels

Camping in Uruguay is very common and because of this Uruguay has fantastic camping facilities, lots of campgrounds have a small shop where you can buy all the basics, most have decent bathroom facilities and a lot of them have hot water showers.
Check out this camping website

Termas by the Argentinian Border

Termas de Guaviyu: tons of camping space, Wifi by the stores, great hot spring fed swimming pools, huge parillas, grocery store, great place to relax. Uruguay peso $70/night/person. A great deal.

Central Uruguay

In Depto de Treintay Tres: Quebrada de los Cuervos has cold water showers, nice bathrooms, big campsites with firepits, and fun hiking down in to the canyon. $25/camping, $35/person entry fee (Uruguayan pesos). If you have a good map of uruugya, Quebrada de los Cuervos is between routes 98 and 8 just north of the city of Treinta y Tres. Some signs mark the way - it is about 20 miles down a dirt road. Worth the stop if you have time.

Atlantic Coast

La Paloma: Complejo Turistico La Aguada on ruta 15 at Avenida de los Argentinos. Shady campsites, parillas, wifi by the main office, electrical plugins, 2 blocks from the ocean. $80/person/night (in Uruguayan pesos).

Punta del Este

Camping San Rafael ([http://www.campingsanranrafael.com.uy| website]) has great bathrooms, hot water in the evenings, parillas, electric plugins, very nice site just across the Punete Leonel Viera. If heading east along the coast to Punta del Este, take an immediate right after the distinctive bridge shaped like waves (rather than bearing left to head in to the city of Punta del Este). The campsite is on the right less than a mile from the bridge. About US$8/person, depending on the size of the group, plus US$2/vehicle.


AEBU Apart hotel and camping (email at [email protected]). Shady campsites 3 blocks from the ocean, with small parillas and electric plug in. About US$7/person. On Misiones at J. Alvarez. 

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 08:33

Vehicle Insurance in Uruguay?

Can anyone confirm if Uruguay requires vehicle insurance? Do they check this at the border?

Thanks in advance - Ryan

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 07:17

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Thu, 01/17/2019 - 04:07

New TIP rules?

I'm planning to ship my van this year to Uruguay and stay in SA the next couple of years from september till april. A few years ago you could park the car in Uruguay up to one year on a TIP but recently this has changed I read. Anybody knows about this new situation?